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Bolivia (BO)

Continent: South America Bolivia Land
Surface: 1.098.580 km ²
Inhabitants: 899.000
Capital: La Paz International banking code (ISO Codes): BO
Official language: Spaniard, Quechua, Aimara Code: +591
Currency: Boliviano Number plate: BOWL
Routes of Bolivia: 559 Routes towards Bolivia: 757
Preferred airports: La Paz (LPB), Cochabamba (CBB), Guayaramerin (GYA), San Borja Guardia (SRJ), Cobija Beltram (CIJ), Trinidad (TDD), Riberalta (RIB), Puerto Suarez (PSZ), Sugar (SRE), Rurrenabaque (RBQ)
Principal cities: Santa Cruz of the Sierra, Cochabamba, La Paz, Sugar, Oruro, Tarija, Potosí, Montero, Trinidad, Yacuiba, Riberalta, Guayaramerin, Villazón, Llallagua, Camiri
Airline company based in Bolivia: Aerosur, Línea Aérea Amaszonas, Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano, Boliviana de Aviacion

Tourist guide Bolivia (South America)

The Republic of Bolivia, which holds its name of Simon Bolivar is a country of South America which does not have access to the sea. It is frontier of Peru, of Chile, of Argentina, of Paraguay and Brazil.

Geography: The country is crossed by two cordilleras (the Andes), whose altitude exceeds sometimes the 6.500 meters. Between the two cordilleras a vast high-plate extends, whose altitudes lie between 3.000 and 4.000 meters. It is the heart of Bolivia and it is prolonged on a good part of the territory of her Peruvian neighbor. This plate is called in Bolivian Altiplano. Even if it occupies only expressed as a percentage 30% of the territory, it is about the area where the concentration of population is most important, since 80% of the Peruvians live there. Perhaps lastly, the lowlands, with the tropical and hot climate, represent most of the territory, but they are populated very little. They are close to Brazil and Paraguay. The lowlands are composed of arid and inhospitable savannas and virgin forests to the tropical climate in Amazonia.

Mountains and rivers: The culminating point of Bolivia east, with its 6.542 meters, the volcano Nevado Sajama, extinct since 25.000 years. The second plus high mountain is Illimani, high 6.439 meters. It is located at approximately 200 km in the East of Nevado Sajama. The river Rio Beni is, with its 1.600 km, the longest river, and the lake Titicaca, the largest lake of Bolivia, with its 8.300 km ².

Climate and advised season: The climate of Bolivia goes from subtropical to the tropical one. The level of precipitations depends especially on altitude. On the high-plate of Altiplano, the weather is fresh all during the year, with light differences in temperatures between the day and the night. On the other hand, in the areas of the South of Bolivia, the continental-subtropical climate dominates. The summer is hot and wet there, as for the tropical climates, with temperatures bordering the 40°C in day. In winter, the temperatures are soft there since it lie between 20 and 30°C. The North of Bolivia as for him is located in the Amazonian area. The climate is tropical and rainy there, all the year. The temperature variations are rare and the water content of the air is very high.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The official language is the Spaniard. Certain indigenous populations speak about the regional dialects, such as Aimara, Quechua and the Tupi-Guarani. Only some tradesmen include/understand the English.

Health and vaccines: It is in general recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To protect itself from the viruses propagated by the mosquitos and the insects, it is enough most of the time to wear covering clothing and to use insecticides sold on the spot. There exists also a risk of Malaria (which one can locate on the scale of risk between light and average). This risk generally does not relate to the big cities. Before leaving, please inform itself near your attending physician in connection with a possible preventive medication of the malaria (paludism). Only the cities can guarantee care of sufficient quality. At the time of your arrival, do not forget that the altitude of the city of Paz (4070 meters) can cause certain symptoms of the evil of altitude. It is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages with insurance-repatriation in the event of urgency, since the stay in an institute of care and the care themselves must be regulated immediately and in liquid. Apart from that, it is recommended to peel the fruits and to cook vegetables in order to avoid any risk of infection. It is also judicious to carry a small first-aid kit with the necessary one

Conditions of entry: A valid passport is required. It must be valid still 6 months after being left Bolivia. For the moment, no tourist visa is required. At the time of your arrival to the airport, you will receive a plug in your passport which will be valid for 90 days. The minors must be provided with an individual passport.

If you wish to obtain from advantage of information in connection with the conditions of entry or safety, or on the vaccines to be carried out, please consult Internet site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Arrival and displacements on the spot: There does not exist for the moment not direct flight for La Paz. All the flights leave the United States or a country of South America. In Bolivia, because of the geographical and economic conditions, the plane is one of the most appreciated means of transport. The Bolivian company Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano connects La Paz to the other airports of the country like Santa Cruz, Tarija, Sucre or Cochabamba.

Capital: Sugar is the constitutional capital of Bolivia. It is there that this finds the court constitutional. Sugar is located at the South of Bolivia and account approximately 200.000 inhabitants. The city holds its name of the marshal and driving revolutionary Antonio Jose de Sucre. The city is known in all Bolivia for its chocolate specialities. Sugar is located at an altitude of 2.800 meters to the top of the sea level and has a very soft climate. With its many parks and its pretty places, Sucre is often regarded as the most beautiful town of Bolivia. Do not miss the old city of colonial time, with its frontages of white color. Since 1990, it is classified with the world heritage of UNESCO.

Places of interest and bathe: The city of Paz is much larger. It is also the seat of the government. The city is located at 3.600 meters of altitude, on the high-plate of Altiplano. With the town of El Alto, which is in lower part, it forms a great agglomeration of 1.6 Million inhabitants. It is also in El Alto that the international airport of Bolivia is located. Between the two big cities, it made uneven there of 1.000 meters. Do not miss the markets, which they are covered or in outside. All very large and are coloured. There are more particular, as for example that which the tourists call the market with the witches. The city offers many cultural activities. The every day, one can admire exposures, go to concerts or the theater. In the South of the city, you can also visit the valley of the moon (bowl. Villa of Luna), or the small town of Tiahuanaco, located at 70 km and which contain important ruins dating from the pre-INCA era. Lastly, do not miss the Lake Titicaca, in the West, which is highest of the fresh water lakes accessible in the car from the world. You will be able to admire the floating islands of Uros there. These native-born people refuse since centuries to join the dry land. They live on islands which they built them-even starting from reeds on the Lake Titicaca. It is possible to visit these islands, which are the point of organ of any excursion to the Lake Titicaca.

Another site not to be missed on the high-plate of Altiplano is the salted lake of Salar de Uyuni, with 3.653 meters of altitude. With its 12.000 km ², it belongs to the more salted big lakes of the world. It is located at the South-west of Bolivia. You will be able to admire there giant cacti, shells with the strange forms and momifiées algae. And they are only some of the wonders which await you in this white and inhospitable universe.

The town of Potosi, in the center of Bolivia, is worth also the turning. It is one of the oldest cities - and formerly richest - of Latin America. It was founded about 1550, when Spanish discovered in the surroundings of the money mines. Potosi counts more than 140.000 inhabitants, which makes of it the big city with the highest altitude of the world. The center town with its sumptuous colonial buildings points out the records of antan, so that UNESCO classified it world heritage of humanity.

The carnival is a festival very appreciated of Bolivian. It represents a cut with their daily newspaper. The center of the carnival is the town of Oruro. You will see there cut impressive masks, in wood, which resemble bad spirits or devils, and which is enriched by elements coming from the Indian indigenous culture.

Religion: With 98% believers, Bolivia is very impregnated Christian culture. One finds there also a small minority which believes in the Bahá religion' í.

Big cities: Santa Cruz of the Sierra, La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, Ouro, Tarija and Potosi

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Bolivia/BO

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·  Flight Cusco Astete La Paz (CUZ LPB)
·  Flight Lima La Paz (LIM LPB) with Lan Peru, Taca International, Aerosur
·  Flight Lyon La Paz (LILY LPB)
·  Flight Santiago of Chile La Paz (SCL LPB) with LAN Airlines
·  Flight New-Orleans La Paz (MSY LPB)
·  Vol Buenos Aires Sweetens (DRUNK SRE)
·  Flight London-Gatwick Santa Cruz (LGW VVI)
·  Flight Strong Myers Santa Cruz (RSW VVI)
·  Flight Rio de Janeiro Tarija (RIO TJA)
·  Flight Native Cochabamba (CBB NAT)
·  Flight Cochabamba El Salvador (CBB SA)
·  Flight Santa Cruz Cuenca Mariscal (VVI CUE)
·  Flight Cochabamba Nice (CBB NCE)
·  Flight La Paz New York (LPB JFK)
·  Flight La Paz Miami (LPB OPF)
·  Flight Cochabamba Buenos Aires (DRUNK CBB)
·  Flight Santa Cruz Tacna (VVI TCQ)
·  Flight Cochabamba Cologne (CBB CGN)
·  Flight La Paz Santiago (LPB STI)
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