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Colombia (CO)

Continent: South America Colombia Land
Surface: 1.138.910 km ²
Inhabitants: 41.966.000
Capital: Bogota International banking code (ISO Codes): CO
Official language: Spaniard Code: +57
Currency: Colombian Peso Number plate: CO
Routes of Colombia: 1610 Routes towards Colombia: 2154
Preferred airports: Bogota (BOG), Medellin (MDE), San Vincente Del Caguan (SVI), Cartagena (CTG), Chorrera (LCR), Guapi (GPI), Leticia (LET), Florencia Capitolio (FLA), Popayan Machangara (PPN), San Jose (SJE)
Principal cities: Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Santa Marta, Ibagué, Bello, Pasto, Manizales, Neiva, Soledad
Airline company based in Colombia: AVIANCA, SURFACES, SATENA, Aerorepublica

Tourist guide Colombia (South America)

Colombia, located at the North-West of South America, is in surface the fourth larger country of the South American sub-continent. It has common borders with Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. It has in addition to the coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Geography: Colombia has a great geographical diversity. One can distinguish 5 great areas. The area of the Pacific is a coastal strip of 150 km presenting an alternation of low plains and mountains, traversed by many rivers. The area of Caribbean, located at the north of the country shelters it also areas of low plains but also part of the Andes cordillera, of which the culminating point of the country. The area of the Andes, in which the major part of the population of the country lives, is still subdivided in three cordilleras, the Western one, the power station and the Eastern one. The area of Orénoque presents a landscape of very fertile grassy plains. The area of Amazonia is covered with large extremely dense forests in the middle which circulate of large rivers such as the Amazon and its affluents.

Relief and river: the culminating points of Colombia, the peak Cristóbal Colón and the peak Simon Bolivar, rise at an altitude of 5.775 Mr. the two tops draw up in the central cordillera at a distance of 45 km one of the other. The longest river is Rio Magdalena which traverses 1.500 km.

Climate and period of voyage advised: because of the variety of its geography, Colombia has a great diversity of climates. On the peaceful coast, it reigns rather a subtropical climate (Terra Caliente), in the valleys in altitude, a moderate climate (Terra Templada). Starting from an altitude of 2.000 m, the climate becomes rather fresh (Terra Fria) and in the mountainous regions (Terra Nevada), it reigns throughout the year a cold climate.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official language is Spanish. English is included/understood and spoken in the big cities. Moreover, the indigenous population, estimated at the present time at 2% of the population, uses approximately 85 languages autochtones.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has and B, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects. In Colombia, there exists a risk to contract paludism and the yellow fever. It would be thus advisable to consult a doctor before your departure in order to define a preventive strategy. The system and the equipment of health are satisfactory in the very tourist big cities and places. It nevertheless is advised to contract an insurance travels including/understanding an insurance repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid the risks of infection, it is recommended to consume only bottled water, to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with a small first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: for the French nationals, a valid passport is not enough to penetrate on the Colombian ground. A visa of tourism is also obligatory and will be delivered to you on your arrival with the airport for one duration of 30 or 60 days renewable once. The minor travellers must be provided with an individual passport.
For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry on the territory and safety, you can for example consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: Air France (AF) proposes direct flights of Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) towards Bogota (BOG). Iberia (IB), Air Makes (A7) and Air Europa (UX) propose flights with stopover either in Madrid (MAD), or in Barcelona (BCN). De Lyon-Saint-Exupéry-Satolas (LILY) Air Europa (UX) and Air Makes (A7) propose flights with a stopover either in Madrid (MAD), or in Barcelona (BCN). From Marseilles (MRS) Air France (AF) proposes flights with a stopover in Paris (CDG) or in Paris (ORY) For the interior flights, one can turn to the national Colombian airline company, Avianca (AV), because it has the best network towards all the local airports.

The capital: Bogota, is in the center of the country, on a plate at an altitude of 2640 m, surrounded by high mountains. It shelters 7 million inhabitants and preserved of his colonial time of many buildings which can be worth a visit. In the old city, one finds some churches, of the cathedrals, and the historical buildings. The Museum of gold, Museo de Oro, located in the Colombian central bank, is particularly advised. One can admire there a single exposure of more than 34.000 objects of goldsmithery pre-Colombian of native-born people.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: the site of Zipaquirá, located at approximately 50 km in the north of Bogota deserves a visit without any doubt. In a municipal salt mine still in exploitation, one can admire there a cathedral, entirely dug and carved in salt, with the 120 m length imposing dimensions for an total surface area of 8.500 m ², which place it among the largest religious buildings of planet. In addition to the principal cathedral, the site comprises other small vaults and a way of cross whose 14 stations are connected between them by a labyrinth of tunnels.

One of greatest tourist attractions of the country is Carthagène, located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The city was founded in 1533, among the first cities of the new world. It is the town of Colombia which receives the most tourists and it since 1985 is classified with the inheritance of UNESCO. Thanks to its geographical location, the city very quickly became an important commercial port, regularly taken by storm by the pirates. Its maze of small picturesque lanes bordered of coloured houses confers a single charm to him. The old city surrounded by ramparts and the Central one with its cathedral and its palates in Andalusian style constitute the most beautiful places of the city.

The archaeological park San Augustin, located at the south of the country, is him also classified with the inheritance of UNESCO. Its reputation which exceeds the Colombian borders, is based on its monuments megalithic surrounded by an exuberant tropical vegetation. In addition to the stone sculptures, the park shelters the second greater falls of water of Central America, Salto de Bordones.

The archipelago San André represents a good option to slacken and enjoy the life in the Tropics. The islands are at the level of Nicaragua, approximately 700 km of the Colombian coasts and are a small terrestrial paradise planted of palm trees and surrounded by coral reefs. According to the depth and the nature of the underwater basement, the sea can cover up to 7 different colors of blue.

With not missing: the Colombian tourist site most famous is without question, Ciudad Perdida, the lost city, located in the north of the country, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is after Machu Picchu the largest ancient city of South America discovered to date. On a surface of 2 km ², stage themselves more than 200 terraces, rounds or ovals, connected by abrupt stone ways which can reach uneven of 12 Mr. One does not know, to date not exactly to date the foundation from the city, but the researchers estimate that it took place at the 7th century by the people of Taironas whose population, with the apogee of the city, could reach several thousands of people. After the brutal colonization of Spanish at the 16th century, the taironas had to leave their territory which sank thus for more than 400 years in the lapse of memory. It is only into 1975 that the city was redécouverte by plunderers of tombs. To prevent that the site is not the subject of degradations and later plunderings, the Colombian government organized an archaeological forwarding, charged to ensure the protection of the site. A small portion of the objects found during this forwarding are to be admired in the Museum of gold with Carthagène.

Religion: the greatest majority of the population, to 95%, declares catholic confession. The remainder of the population is either atheistic, or practical traditional worships.

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Caragena de Indias, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Manizales, Pasto, Cúcuta and Bucaramanga.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Colombia/CO

·  Flight Lima Bogota (LIM BOG) with AVIANCA, Taca International, Lan Peru
·  Flight Paris Medellin (BY MDE)
·  Flight Milan Cali (BGY CLO)
·  Flight Vienna Bogota (LIFE BOG)
·  Flight Hamburg San Andres (HAM ADZ)
·  Flight Culiacan Bogota (BOTTOM BOG)
·  Flight Nassau Bogota (NAS BOG)
·  Flight Berlin-Tegel Bogota (TXL BOG)
·  Flight Rio de Janeiro Bogota (GIG BOG)
·  Flight Parma Cali (PMF CLO)
·  Flight Bogota Paris (BOG BY)
·  Flight Medellin Paris (MDE BY)
·  Flight Bogota Cusco Astete (BOG CUZ)
·  Flight Bogota Holguin (BOG HOG)
·  Flight Monteria Caracas (MTR CCS)
·  Flight Valledupar Hamburg (VUP HAM)
·  Flight Manizales Santaguida Barcelona (MZL BCN)
·  Flight Bogota Amman (BITTER BOG)
·  Flight Santa Marta Friburg (SMR EAP)
·  Flight Riohacha Caracas (RCH CCS)
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