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Peru (PE)

Continent: South America Peru Land
Surface: 1.285.220 km ²
Inhabitants: 288.634
Capital: Lima International banking code (ISO Codes): EP
Official language: Spaniard, Quechua Code: +51
Currency: New Ground Number plate: EP
Routes of Peru: 951 Routes towards Peru: 1271
Preferred airports: Lima (LIM), Cusco Astete (CUZ), Arequipa Balloon (AQP), Rodriguez De Mendoza (RIM), Tarapoto (TPP), Anta (ATA), Trujillo (TRU), Tumbes (TBP), Juliaca (JUL), Tacna (TCQ)
Principal cities: Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Iquitos, Huancayo, Piura, Chimbote, Cusco, Pucallpa, Tacna, Ica, Juliaca, Sullana, Chincha Alta
Airline company based in Peru: Lan Peru, Cielos Airlines, Aero Peru Condor, TACA Peru, Peru Star

Tourist guide Peru (South America)

The Republic of Peru is surrounded by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean.

Geography: Peru is divided into three completely different geographical areas: Costa (the coast), the Sierra (the Andes) and Selva (the virgin forest).

Costa is influenced by a oceanic current south-north. It is made up with majority of coastal deserts. Agriculture is not possible that in the oases which develop along the rivers which occur their in the Andes. In the South, close to the Chilean border, it is the desert of Atacama. Precipitations are very rare there. In this area, the temperatures oscillate between 12 °C in winter and 34 °C in Summer.

Beyond these coastal regions with the rather modest surface but where 60% of the population live, the Sierra extends. It is composed of the cordilleras (Cordilleras) of the Andes, which are stopped by valleys. It is in this area that the culminating point of Peru is located, Nevado Huascaran, with its 6.768 Mr. Viennent then Yerupa (6.634 Mr.), Coropuna (6.425 Mr.), Ampato (6.310 Mr.), Chachani (6.075 Mr.) and Misti (5.822 Mr.) the average annual temperature in the areas located starting from 3.000 meters of altitude is located around 11 °C. there are rather few precipitations in these areas. However, of strong downpours are not to exclude between October and April.

In the East of the Cordillera, Selva starts. The virgin forests of Peru are thick and difficult of access. The rivers come from the Andes and continuing their course to join the Amazon river, are the only lanes of the area As for the Amazon, it is the longest river of Peru and also one longest of the world. The longest river of the area is Rio Ucayali, with a 1.600 km length.

Mountains and rivers: The culminating point of the country is, with its 6.768 meters, Nevado Huascaran. It is located in the Andes. It is the 4th more high summit of Latin America. The most important river of Peru is the Amazon, with its various sources which are Apumirac, Urubamba, Ucayali and Marañón.

Climate and advised season: It is difficult to define one season more suitable than another to visit Peru since each area has specific climatic characteristics. If you intend to visit the coastal regions, it is preferable to travel between December and May, since the temperatures are then softer. If you intend to travel in the Amazonian Andes or areas, better is worth to prefer the period ranging between May and September, since it then has few precipitations in the mountainous areas and the jungle.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The official languages are the Spaniard and Quechua. English is also used in the big cities and the tourist sites.

Health and vaccines: It is in general recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To protect itself from the viruses propagated by the mosquitos and the insects, it is enough most of the time to wear covering clothing and to use insecticides sold on the spot. All the big cities and the tourist sites can exempt medical care. It is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages valid in the whole world, with insurance-repatriation in the event of urgency. Apart from that, it is recommended to peel the fruits and to cook vegetables in order to avoid any risk of infection. It is also judicious to carry a small first-aid kit with the necessary one

Conditions of entry: The passport is obligatory and must be valid still at least 6 months as from your arrival. The visa is valid 90 days. It is established directly at the time of your arrival. The children must be provided with an individual passport.

If you wish to obtain from advantage of information in connection with the conditions of entry or safety, or on the vaccines to be carried out, please consult Internet site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Arrival and displacements on the spot: The air line most interesting for the moment is proposed by Iberia starting from Madrid, since this company is the only one to propose flights direct towards Lima. Most of the time, there is a stopover in the United States or in another country of South America. As regards the interior flights, several companies propose interesting flights, such as Taca Peru, Aero Cóndor or Lan Peru, which connect the capital to the other cities of the country.

Capital: Lima is the capital of the country. It counts 6,5 Million inhabitants. It is the economic and cultural center country. All the main roads of circulation pass by there. It contains many universities and a great number of museums and monuments. The hurdy-gurdy city, with its buildings dating from the colonial school, was classified in 1991 world heritage of UNESCO. Do not miss Museo de Oro which has an exceptional collection of gilded ornaments coming from various native-born people originating in the Andes. If you are rather impassioned of history, Museo of Nación is worth the turning. You will find there vestiges archaeological and a model in 3D of the city INCA de Machu Picchu.

Centers of interest: Cusco, the capital of the old INCA empire, is located at 3.416 meters, in the Peruvian high-plates. It is the last point of passage for the travellers moving towards Machu Picchu. The incredible beauty of the landscapes and the many sites which testify to the disappeared indigenous cultures, make of the Andes and particularly site of Machu Picchu, the place more visited of Peru. The ruins of the incas and the splendid colonial buildings of the old city were classified in 1983 with the world heritage of UNESCO. In the surroundings of Cusco, other ruins are worth the turning, such Sacsayhuamán, Tambo Machay, Puca-Pucará, Kenko, Tipón, Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

One of the other wonders of Peru is the Lake Titicaca. Lago Titicaca is at an altitude of 3810 meters. It is the highest fresh water lake of planet. Principal attraction are the 42 floating islands of Uros. Uros are an indigenous tribe which saw since centuries on these islands built with reeds, in order to protect itself from the attack of possible enemies. Uros continue to refuse to leave the islands for the dry land.

Another impressive site is that of the géoglyphes which is to 50 km of Nazca, port city of the South of Peru. On a surface of 500 km ², the great shapes representing of the animals or the trapezoids were dug in the ground, probably by the incas. These forms measure between 10 and 100 meters length. Because of their big size, these forms can be truly distinguished only seen plane. In 1995 UNESCO classified this site in the list of the monuments belonging to the world heritage of humanity.

With not missing: Machu Picchu is the site more known and more visited of Peru. These ruins are located at 2.360 meters of altitude, at the top of a mountain, in the high-plates of the Andes. As this INCA city was difficult to reach, the Brazilian government made build a line of train which starts from Cusco, located at 112 km, to go in Aguas Calientes, a village located at the foot of the mountain. Thanks to that, it is more than 2.000 people per day who can visit this architectural masterpiece.

Religion: The Spanish missionaries left their trace. Thus, 98% of the Peruvian population are of Catholic religion.

Big cities: Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa, Callao, Chiclayo und Iquitos

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Peru/EP

·  Flight Paris Lima (BY LIM)
·  Flight Toulouse Lima (TLS LIM)
·  Flight Marseilles Lima (MRS LIM)
·  Flight Madrid Lima (MAD LIM) with IBERIA, Lan Peru, Air Makes, British Airways
·  Flight Bogota Cusco Astete (BOG CUZ)
·  Flight Paris Lima (CDG LIM)
·  Flight Amsterdam Arequipa Balloon (AMS AQP)
·  Flight Navegantes Lima (NVT LIM)
·  Flight London Iquitos (LON IQT)
·  Flight London-Heathrow Arequipa Balloon (LHR AQP)
·  Flight Cusco Astete Madrid (CUZ MAD)
·  Flight Lima Bogota (LIM BOG) with AVIANCA, Taca International, Lan Peru
·  Flight Cusco Astete La Paz (CUZ LPB)
·  Flight Lima La Paz (LIM LPB) with Lan Peru, Taca International, Aerosur
·  Flight Cusco Astete Brasilia (CUZ BSB)
·  Flight Lima Bangkok (LIM BKK)
·  Flight Chiclayo Berlin-Tegel (CIX TXL)
·  Flight Pucallpa Rolden Santiago of Chile (PCL SCL)
·  Flight Lima Pisa (LIM PSA)
·  Flight Lima Kansas City (LIM MCI)
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