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Fiji (FJ)

Continent: Oceania Fiji Land
Surface: 18.270 km ²
Inhabitants: 893.354
Capital: Suva International banking code (ISO Codes): FJ
Official language: Fijian, Hindu English Code: +679
Currency: Fijian dollar Number plate: FJI
Routes of Fiji: 247 Routes towards Fiji: 427
Preferred airports: Savusavu (SVU), Nadi (NAN), Vanuabalavu (VBV), Bureta Levuka Air (LEV), Cicia (HERE), Lakeba (LKB), Moala (MFJ), Malololailai (PTF), Rotuma (RTA), Taveuni Matei (TVU)
Principal cities: Labasa, Vunindamoli, Vakativa, Thevai, Narothivo, Mataveikai, Levuka, Korovuli, Nauria, Vanuavatu, Mavana, Narothake, Namanda, Malakati, Levuka
Airline company based in Fiji: Air Pacific, Air Fiji, Sun Air/Sunflower Airlines

Tourist guide Fiji (Oceania)

The Republic of the Fiji islands, countries of Oceania, is in the southern Pacific to approximately 2.100 km in the north of the coasts of New Zealand and to 5.000 km in the south of Hawaii. The archipelago, located on the date-line, roughly counts 300 islands from which a hundred only are inhabited.

Geography: the two volcanic islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu account for approximately 85% of the total territory. Their coasts are very escarpées and the beaches are rather narrow there. Inside the grounds, the landscape presents an alternation of plains covered with tropical forest, crossed by many rivers which are transformed into cascades and fall sometimes of a height of more than 1000 m and peaks abrupt. It is the island of Viti Levu which presents the most relief of the archipelago, of which the culminating point, Tomavini which rises with a height of 1.324 Mr.

Climate and period of voyage advised: it reigns throughout the year in all the archipelago a wet tropical climate, at the rather constant temperatures turning around 26°-28°C. The best period to visit these islands is between May and October, in winter, when the rains are much less important and that the temperatures are more moderate. During the summer, from November to April, the climate is choking, hot and wet. It is also the season during which can occur hurricanes, very destroying in the area, although statistically, the islands are touched only every 10 years. The temperature of water is it constant, with an ideal average of 26°C. If one can allow oneself to travel in low season, one can be given tariffs much more interesting than it is for the flights or lodging.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official language is English, although the inhabitants use with the daily newspaper the Fijian rather. Certain communities speak also Hindustani, Mandarin or the Urdu one.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects. The system and the equipment of health do not satisfy the European standards in any area of the archipelago. This is why it is advised to contract a insurance-voyage including/understanding a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid the risks of infection, it is recommended to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with a small first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: the French nationals must be provided with a valid passport for at least 6 more months after the entry on the Fijian ground. A visa is obligatory, but it will be delivered to you on your arrival for one 14 days duration which can be prolonged up to 6 months with the help of a tax. The minor travellers must be provided with an individual passport.

For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry on the territory and safety, you can for example consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: seen Europe, the Fiji Islands are with the other end of the world. From Paris, it is necessary to traverse a distance of approximately 18.000 km, which represents about a whole day of vol. the international airport is on the island of Viti Levu to 10 km of the town of Nadi. Of Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) American Airlines (AA) and Air Pacific (FJ) propose flights with a stopover in Chicago (ORD) and Los Angeles (LAX) or Dallas (DFW). Nadi International Airport (NAN) is also used as platform for all the area of the South Seas. The island has another international airport in the surroundings of the town of Suva (SUV), mainly used by the Australian airline company Qantas (QF). The two airports propose flights to make of the “Flightseeing”, tourism in flight, which makes it possible to have an absolutely splendid panoramic sight on the South Seas. The companies Air Fiji (PC) and Air Pacific (FJ) propose interior flights to move between the various islands of Vaua Levu, Kadavu and Taveuni, for example.

The capital: the capital of Viti Levu, the largest island, is the town of Suva which shelters 200.000 inhabitants and constitutes the administrative and cultural center of the archipelago. The city proposes some interesting visits such as the museum of the islands Fiji, founded in 1904, the building of the Parliament, the botanical garden in which one can admire all the typical flora of the area of the Pacific-south, many Hindu temples and the market of the local farmers who is held every saturday. It is imperatively necessary to visit the natural reserve of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, only located has 18 km of the city and in which one can admire while walking along pretty footpaths of splendid cascades and, in the surroundings of the town of Sigatoka, of the sand dunes 45 height m behind which, on 70 km, a splendid coral reef is stretched which belongs to the most beautiful places to make diving.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: the islands Fiji, islands of volcanic origin, were colonized approximately 4.000 years ago by two great ethnicities, the mélanésiens and the Polynesians. With regard to these islands, one can without exaggerating, speaking about true “paradise of the South Seas”. It is one of the most appreciated areas in the world plungers because of the richness of its underwater flora and its fauna. It is fortunately not necessary to be a highly skilled plunger to benefit from it. In a crystalline water, the beauty of the coral benches is also accessible to the plungers amateurs. Without forgetting, of course, to recover from its emotions, the shaded sand beaches end by the palm trees.
The second larger island, Vanua Levu is it also a very famous place of diving, in particular because of the site to the promising name of Rainbow Reef. One can also discover the fauna and the flora of the island in the bicycle while following Hibiscus Highway. In the surroundings of the town of Labasa, one can discover Wasvula Ceremonial Site which shelters furnace bridges of 2 m out of 77 m which before were used for the worship of the spirits and the ancestors.
The third larger island of the archipelago, Taveuni, carries because of its wet climate favourable with a luxuriant vegetation, the well deserved nickname of “the island garden”. One can admire there the falls of Bourma, the lake Tagimaucia which rest in the crater of a volcano of 824 m and the terminal which marks the passage of the date-line. To bathe or make diving, one can go to the beaches of Lavena Beach, Charles Beach or Great White Wall.

Religion: the multiethnic population of the archipelago is before any Christian woman, to 52%. There exists also a strong Hindu community which accounts for 38% of the population and a Moslem minority of 10%

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: Suva, Nadi, Lautoka, Labasa and Nausori.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Fiji/FJ

·  Flight Funafuti Atoll Suva-Nausori (FUN SUV) with Air Fiji
·  Flight Bali Nadi (DPS NAN)
·  Flight Toronto Taveuni Matei (YTO TVU)
·  Flight Beijing Nadi (BJS NAN)
·  Flight Shanghai Suva-Nausori (PVG SUV)
·  Flight Port Villa Savusavu (VLI SVU)
·  Flight London Taveuni Matei (LON TVU)
·  Flight Victoria Nadi (YYJ NAN)
·  Flight Paris Suva-Nausori (CDG SUV)
·  Flight Seoul-Gimpo Nadi (SALT NAN)
·  Flight Mana Tokyo (MNF TYO)
·  Flight Malololailai Tokyo (PTF TYO)
·  Flight Nadi Alica Springs (NAN ASP)
·  Flight Nadi Dublin (NAN DUB)
·  Flight Nadi Tokyo (NAN HND)
·  Flight Suva-Nausori Munich (SUV million u.a.)
·  Flight Nadi Aberdeen (NAN ABR)
·  Flight Nadi Taipei (NAN TPE)
·  Flight Nadi Raiatea (NAN RFP)
·  Flight Orange Nadi County (NAN SNA)
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