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French Polynesia (PF)

Continent: Oceania Land French Polynesia
Surface: 4.000 km ²
Inhabitants: 266.339
Capital: PAPEETE International banking code (ISO Codes): PF
Official language: French, Tahitien Code: +689
Currency: Euro Number plate: no one
Routes of French Polynesia: 459 Routes towards French Polynesia: 778
Preferred airports: PAPEETE (PPT), Nuku Hiva (NHV), Kaukura Atoll (KKR), Raivavae (RVV), Anaa (AAA), Atuona (AUQ), Tubuai (TUB), Huahine (HUH), Ahe Airport (AHE), Arutua (AXR)
Principal cities: Faaa, PAPEETE, Punaauia, Pirae, Mahina, Paea, Papara, Arue, Afaahiti, Vaitape, Mataiea, Paopao, Papeari, Haapiti, Uturoa
Airline company based in French Polynésie: Air Tahiti Harmed, Air Tahiti

Tourist guide French Polynesia (Oceania)

French Polynesia is a community of overseas (COM) located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of the administrative regrouping of small islands of volcanic origin and atolls, disseminated on an entire surface of 4 million km ². In all, French Polynesia consists of 130 islands which one can gather in 5 archipelagoes: the archipelago of the Company, the archipelago of Tuamotu, the archipelago of the Marchionesses, the archipelago of Southern and finally, the archipelago of Gambier. One cannot really speak about countries bordering since the closest country, New Zealand, is to 4.000 km, that the islands of Hawaii are to 4.500 km and that the South American continent is to 7.000 km.

Geography: almost all the islands and small islands which form French Polynesia are of volcanic origin and all can be enorgueillir of a fauna and a flora rich person and any beauty. The majority of the islands are surrounded by coral barriers to the hollow of which were formed of the lagoons bordered of broad sand beaches end. While going towards the interior of the grounds, the landscape changes, becomes more undulating, presenting an alternation of fertile plains, craters and mountainous solid masses covered with tropical forest.

Climate and period of voyage advised: it reigns throughout the year on the whole of the Polynesian islands a typical tropical climate of the South Seas. The temperatures average day laborers oscillate between 20° and 30°C and the year is separate in two quite distinct seasons. Between June and March, the climate hot and wet, is accompanied by falls of daily but short rains, which can unfortunately be accompanied by typhoons. Between April and October, come here is time from the dry season during which it rains less and during which the temperatures are definitely more moderate. This period is the best to go to Polynesia, but it is necessary to be caught there in advance to hold a flight and a place of lodging because the destination is very appraisal of the French tourists.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official languages are French and the tahitien. The local population largely uses other Polynesian languages and dialects.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has and B, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects. The risk to contract paludism is non-existent in French Polynesia. The system and the equipment of health are satisfactory on all the inhabited islands. It nevertheless is advised to contract a insurance-voyage including/understanding a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid the risks of infection, it is recommended to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with small limps with pharmacy of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: for the French nationals, a simple valid indentity card is enough to penetrate on the Polynesian territory.
For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry on the territory and safety, you can for example consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: many international airline companies serve the principal island of French Polynesia, Haiti. One can quote, as example, the company Air Tahiti Nui (TN) which proposes direct flights of Paris (CDG) bound for the airport of PAPEETE (PPT), the principal city of the island. Airport, only located at 6 km of the city, are proposed several times per day of the flights in direction of the close islands. For those which want to take their time, starting from the wearing of PAPEETE, one can also take one of the many boats which serve the neighbouring islands. This alternative of course makes it possible to better appreciate the beauty of the landscapes and the sea.

The capital: PAPEETE is the capital of French Polynesia. It shelters if one takes into account all the agglomeration 130.000 inhabitants. The city has many museums, such as for example the Gauguin Museum, of the art galleries, a marina, houses with the typical architectural style of Polynesia as well as a picturesque market which is held the every day behind the port and which extends on several streets. The interior of the grounds is not in remainder, and there too, the visitor will find what to be filled with wonder. One can recommend the falls of Faarumai and Vaipahi, attractive concretions of the caves of Vaipori, the place of worship Marae Arahurahu which was the subject of a complete restoration, or the innumerable petroglyphs disseminated on all the surface of the island. It is worth to climb more the high summit of the island, the Orehana Mount which rises up to 2.241 m, bus of the top, one has really a unspoilable view on all the island, the jungle and the Pacific Ocean. The helicopter constitutes another alternative to visit the island. The visitor will remain mouth bée in front of the landscapes flown over, alternation of cascades falling of the mountains, of green valleys, all the natural wealth of the island being offered to the horizon.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: for 200 years, French Polynesia has been associated in the spirit of Europeans with the Garden of Eden, a tropical paradise with the idyllic landscape, the sea turquoise blue coming to fail itself on sand beaches white and end, bordered by palm trees and coconuts exempting their shade bienfaitrice. A place where it is good to slacken, here what promises French Polynesia. It in addition offers a great choice of activities of leisures and outdoor. One can during the same day bathe the morning in a lagoon with water délicieusement tepid, to observe there the multicoloured fish in transparent water, the afternoon to make trek on the craters of the volcanos and to finish his day carefully by tasting the succulent Polynesian kitchen. In a word, those which have the leisure and the possibility of going in these islands of the end of the world will not regret it.
Not far from Tahiti, to only 17 km in boat, the island of Moorea is also one of the most appreciated tourist sites tourists since 40% of the beds available for all French Polynesia are there. This is explained partly by its long easily accessible beaches and its many volcanos which constitute a properly idyllic decoration. On the island one can admire beautiful lagoons with water blued, but also, more inside the grounds, the valley of Opunohu, uninhabited since nearly 150 years but in which one still finds vestiges of the old dwellings of which some were restored.
The atoll of Rangiroa is the larger second of the world and remains relatively saved by tourism of mass. One can admire there a splendid lagoon and multicoloured coral reefs which will leave with the plunger an unforgettable impression.
Lastly, one cannot speak about Polynesia without thinking of surfing, national sport traditional. Tahiti is one of the greatest centers of competition of the world, in particular with the famous site of Teahupoo Spot which presents the highest waves and which is consequently most dangerous. The best period to admire these rollers which can reach from 3 to 5 m locates between October and March because at this period, of the marine currents come from north cause the highest waves. The rollers off the coasts of the islands Papenoo, Punaauia and Pea also are very appreciated surfers and are much less dangerous.

With not missing: the island of Bora-Bora, the “Pearl of the Pacific”,
is often considered, rightly, like the most beautiful island of the Pacific Ocean. The bungalows on piles which border its lagoon are rather reserved for easy customers because they count among the most expensive places of lodging of all French Polynesia. It is good to rise the morning, to borrow a small private staircase which carries out directly in warm water and transparent of the lagoon and to swim there while being filled with wonder in front of the beauty at the underwater world. Inside the grounds, one can go to discovered from the three volcanic tops of the island, Hue, Pahia and Otemanu. They culminate at an altitude ranging between 620 and 720 m above the sea level and make it possible to have a panoramic sight on this terrestrial paradise. The island of Bora-Bora is also famous for the water sports. One can in particular there sail, go towards the sandy atoll of Motu, plunge and bind knowledge with the local whales, lines and dolphins.

Religion: consequently of the evangelization operated by the French missionaries, French Polynesia is very largely Christian.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of French Polynesia/PF

·  Flight Paris PAPEETE (CDG Pt) 6 Flights per week with Air Tahiti Harmed
·  Flight Paris PAPEETE (BY Pt) 6 Flights per week with Air Tahiti Harmed
·  Flight Frankfurt PAPEETE (FRA Pt)
·  Flight London PAPEETE (LON Pt)
·  Flight Sydney PAPEETE (SYD Pt) with Qantas Airways, Air Tahiti Harmed
·  Flight Los Angeles PAPEETE (LAX Pt) 12 Flights per week with Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Air Tahiti Harmed
·  Flight Noumea PAPEETE (NOU Pt) with Air International Caledonie
·  Flight Auckland PAPEETE (AKL Pt) with Air Tahiti Harmed, Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways
·  Flight Newman PAPEETE (ZNE Pt)
·  Flight Luxembourg Raiatea (LUX RFP)
·  Flight PAPEETE Los Angeles (Pt LAX) 2 Flights per week with Air Tahiti Harmed, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand
·  Flight PAPEETE Honolulu (Pt HNL) with Hawaiian Airlines
·  Flight PAPEETE Fort de France (Pt FDF)
·  Flight PAPEETE Sydney (Pt SYD) with Air Tahiti Harmed, Qantas Airways
·  Flight PAPEETE Tokyo (Pt NRT) with Japan Airlines, Air Tahiti Harmed
·  Flight PAPEETE Lyon (Pt LILY)
·  Flight Fakarava Dusseldorf (FAV DUE)
·  Flight PAPEETE Milan (Pt MXP)
·  Flight PAPEETE Singapore (Pt SIN)
·  Flight PAPEETE Milan (Pt FLAX)
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