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Belgium (BE)

Continent: Europe Belgium Land
Surface: 32.545 km ²
Inhabitants: 10.379.067
Capital: Brüssel International banking code (ISO Codes): BE
Official language: Netherlander and French Code: +32
Currency: Euro Number plate: B
Routes of Belgium: 2046 Routes towards Belgium: 1376
Preferred airports: Brussels (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW), Charleroi Brussels (CRL), Ostend (OST), Liege (LGG), Antwerp (ANR)
Principal cities: Brüssel, Antwerpen, Race, Charleroi, Lüttich, Brugge, Namur, Leuven, Mons, Aalst, Mechelen, Louvière, Kortrijk, Hasselt, Oostende
Airline company based in Belgium: Brussels Airlines, VLM Airlines, Jetairfly, Virgin Express train

Tourist guide Belgium (Europe)

The Kingdom of Belgium is a country of Western Europe having of the common borders with France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and a littoral of an about sixty kilometers on the North Sea. The country is divided into three areas, the Walloon region, the Flemish area and the area of Brussels. With its neighbors Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Belgium forms the Benelux countries which promotes an economic collaboration between these three countries.

Geography: Belgium presents two quite distinct geographical areas. The area of north, Flandres, presents a landscape of plains not exceeding the 100 meters of altitude and is worth with the country its nickname of “lowland”. The southern half of the country, Wallonia, presents a landscape much more undulating which culminates in the solid mass of the Ardennes at an altitude of 694 meters. The longest river of the country, the Scheldt, crosses the country on 200 kilometers before being thrown in the North Sea. More the big lake, the lake of the Punt-Size occupies approximately 370 hectares.

Climate and period of voyage advised: it reigns in Belgium a moderated climate, rather similar to the climate which one can observe in the Paris basin, characterized by temperatures bordering 25°C in summer and 7 degrees in winter. In the solid mass of the Ardennes, in winter the snowfalls are relatively important.

Official languages and spoken languages: Belgium does not have less than three official languages registered in its constitution, Dutch, French and German, but they are very unequally distributed. Thus, the area of Brussels is the only officially bilingual area with French and Dutch. The Flemish area is officially unilingual Dutch-speaking, Wallonia is it unilingual French-speaking person, while the German-speaking population is extremely minority and does not represent more than 1% of the population. It is estimated that Dutch is spoken by the largest majority about the Belgians with approximately 60% and that French is spoken by approximately 40% about the population.

Health and vaccinations: in Belgium, the health system and the sanitary arrangements satisfy the best European standards. To have access to the care and the same rights as the nationals of the host country, it is enough to be provided with the European chart to health insurance which one can obtain in a fifteen or so days from his case of usual health insurance. The children must be provided with an individual chart. It is also recommended to contract a medical insurance repatriation for the most serious cases.

Conditions of entry on the territory: to penetrate on the Belgian ground the French nationals must simply provide themselves with a national card of identity or a valid passport.
For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry and the security instructions, you can, for example, to consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: from Paris (CDG), the airline company Brussels Airlines (SN) proposes direct flights bound for the Belgian capital, Brussels (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW). British Airways (BA) proposes flights with a stopover in London (LON).
Airport of Lyon (LILY), Air France (AF) and Brussels Airlines (SN) propose direct flights, while Lufthansa proposes flights with a stopover in Munich (million u.a.).
From Marseilles, Brussels Airlines proposes direct flights. The airline company at low prices Ryanair also proposes direct connections between Marseilles (MRS) and Antwerp (ANR).
The train constitutes possibly a good alternative to connect for example the stations of Paris-North and Brussels-Midday. Connections are carried out by trains Thalys and TGV in approximately 1:30.

The capital: Brussels, capital of Belgium since 1830, is located at the center of the area of the same name and shelters approximately 145.000 inhabitants. Sit of the Council of Europe, European commission, certain authorities of the European Parliament and of a good thousand of other international institutions and European, the city is often called “the Capital of Europe”. The city presents an agreeably cosmopolitan face since approximately 30% of its population are there of foreign origin. And if the history of current and future Europe written there each day, the city also shines by the richness of its architectural heritage, with inter alia its Town square, considered rightly as one of most beautiful of the world and classified with the world heritage of UNESCO since 1998. In addition to its splendid town hall in Gothic style dating from the 15th century, the place is bordered of the House of the King, in whom is the Museum of the city and splendid buildings of style baroque dating for the majority from the 17th century, old houses of the corporations carrying of the evocative names such as the Wheelbarrow, the Gold Star or Tree. The city impresses by the diversity of the architectural styles which there are represented, active Rebirth while passing by splendid buildings Art nouveau, such as the Stoclet Palate located in the street Tervueren, work classified with the Inheritance of UNESCO of the architect Viennese Joseph Hoffmann and whose certain interior decorations are due to the painter Gustav Klimt, or many construction due to the architect Victor Horta, disseminated in Brussels, of which the Horta House, classified with the world heritage of UNESCO and now transformed into museum, or Atomium, sculpture height a 102 meters built for the World Fair of 1958 and become one of the emblems of the city. The city also conceals many museums whose eclecticism makes it possible to fill all the visitors, of the royal Museums of art and history in the Belgian center of the cartoon, of the museum of the toy to the museum of Brussels of Gueuze. Finally to decide the undecided ones, one can still mention that Brussels is the greenest capital of Europe.

Tourist sites: Antwerp, fatherland of Rubens, located in the north of the country, the homonymous Dutch-speaking province, account approximately 460.000 inhabitants. The city is on banks of the Scheldt, which enabled him to become an important international commercial port. The city is also the world center of the diamond, at which a district of the city located close to the central station and a museum are dedicated.
Just like Brussels, the city has a Town square at the buildings raising of sumptuous frontages, Gothic mixture of styles, Renaissance and baroque, whose Town hall, built at the 16th century in Flemish Renaissance style italo, constitutes an good example.
The Town square is dominated by splendid Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Antwerp whose construction was undertaken in 1352 and was spread out over nearly one century and half, splendid example of religious Gothic art with its majestic tower which rises with 123 meters. The cathedral conceals two works of the native, Rubens, „the Rise in the cross “and „the Assumption of the Virgin “. The city shelters other churches, very of Gothic style except the church Saint-Charles-Borromée built in style baroque.
The city proposes the visit of many interesting museums of which the royal Museum of the Art schools, the museum of Contemporary art to surprising architecture or the National museum of the Navy, placed in Steen, a castle-extremely dating from the 9th century. The admirors of the large Master will visit the Rubens House, old residence and workshop of the painter until his death in 1640, of which it drew itself the plans and who exposes today ten of his works.
Meir, one of the large commercial arteries of the city constitutes another center of attraction of the city.
The zoo of Antwerp also enjoys a great popularity and accommodates each year approximately 1,3 million visitors come to admire the 5.000 animals, of which certain species in the process of disappearance, that it lodges.

Bruges, city located at the North-West of the country, in Dutch-speaking Flemish area, shelters approximately 120.000 inhabitants. Called the „Venice of North “because of the many channels which traverse it, the city knew its apogee between 12th and 15th centuries, mainly thanks to the trade of drapery with other large European ports such as that of London or those of Genoa and Venice. At the end of the Middle Ages, the city could be enorgueillir to be the most prosperous city of the North of Europe.
Today the city allures by its inheritance magnificiently preserved whose richness was worth to him to be registered with the inheritance of the cities of UNESCO. Bruges invites to stroll without precise goal along its channels, to lose itself in its streets of another time to the turning of which splendid visions are offered that one will not forget of as soon as.
Among the most imposing buildings, one can quote the very beautiful town hall which goes back to 1376, the Belfry which rises with a 83 meters height and shelters a chime of 47 bells, at the top of which one can reach by climbing 366 steps and from where one can enjoy a splendid sight on the city and his surroundings. The church of Notre-Dame reception dominates the city with her brick tower, high de122 meters, one highest of Europe. The church conceals major artistic treasures, whose main work is without any doubt „the Virgin with the white marble child “of Michel-Angel, but also of the retables, splendid sculptures and the mausoleums dating from the 16th century of Marie of Burgundy and Charles the Bold one. The old court of the city, the Franc of Bruges, currently shelters the files of the city.

The littoral of Belgium extends on 67 kilometers and account more than 14 seaside resorts. It is easy to move of one city to the other thanks to the tram of the littoral, at the beginning every 10 minutes in summer and every 20 minutes in winter. The towns of Knokke, Zeebrugge, Blankenberge, Haan and Ostend are among most interesting.

Religion: 75% of the Belgian population are declared catholic. Islam represents the second religion of the country with a community estimated at 4% of the population. One also finds small communities Protestant, judaïques and orthodoxe. 18% of the population declare themselves without confession.

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liege, Bruges, Namur, Ostend.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Belgium/BE

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