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Vietnam (VN)

Continent: Asia Vietnam Land
Surface: 329.560 km ²
Inhabitants: 84.250.350
Capital: Ha Noi International banking code (ISO Codes): VN
Official language: Vietnamese Code: +84
Currency: Dong Number plate: VN
Routes of Vietnam: 1063 Routes towards Vietnam: 1274
Preferred airports: Saigon (SGN), Hanoi (HAN), Ca Mau (CAH), Edge Tho (VCA), Na-San (SQH), Coong, Idiot CAD (VCS), Vinh City (VII), Round of applause Me Thuot Phung Duke (BMV), Nha-Trang (NHA), Hoots - Phu Bai (TODAY)
Principal cities: Ho Chi Minh City, ha Noi, Hai Phong, Well Hòa, Hoot, Nha Trang, Can Tho, Rach Gia, Which Nhon, Vung Tau, Nam Ðịnh, Phan Thiet, Long Xuyên, Hong Gai, Buon Me Thuot
Airline company based in Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Seabornes Airlines, Indochina Airlines

Tourist guide Vietnam (Asia)

The socialist Republic of Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia. It has as neighbors China, Laos, Kampuchea and the southernmost China Sea, in the South.

Geography: Vietnam extends from the plains of the delta in the South with the high plateaus of the back country, while passing by the east coast of the southernmost China Sea. In all, they are 1700 km of North in the South and 600 km of Are in West. The thinnest strip of land is in the middle of the country and is broad only of 50km. The landscapes are very varied. While simplifying, one can distinguish five different areas. At the Chinese border, extend the imposing landscapes from the high-plate of Yunnan, in the middle of the mountains. This area is especially appreciated hikers in the search of spectacular sights. Without real cut, come then the fertile plains which skirt the delta of the red river. They is there that the capital is, Hanoi. In the West of these plains, the high plateaus take again the top. It is the area annamite, which occupies all the central part of the country to Vietnam South. It is also the least populated area of all the country. In the East of these high plateaus, one reaches the seaside. The area annamite is bordered there by the southernmost China Sea. Because of the rather lenient climatic conditions which reign there, this area densément is very densément populated. Lastly, all in the South, extends the Mekong delta, which is also a very populated area, because the grounds are very fertile there. It is there that the metropolis Ho-Chi-Minh City is.

Mountains and rivers: The Phan-Xi-Pang mount, in the high plateau of Yunnan, is the culminating point of the country, with 3134 Mr. Mekong is longest of the rivers, with 4.500 km. It is one of the longest rivers of the world and it is also the vital artery of the country.

Climate and advised season: As regards the climate, one can distinguish two zones. In the North of the country, the climate can be defined like tropical moderate, and enough variable. One distinguishes there one fresher season, between November and April, and a season hotter, even very hot, between May and October. The South on the other hand, is characterized by a tropical and hot climate with monsoons between May and October. During the rain season, typhoons as violent one as unforeseeable the country strikes, mainly the Mekong delta. They can be accompanied by serious floods. In short, one can say that the period most adapted to travel is that ranging between October and April. The climate is then rather pleasant there.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The official language is Vietnamese. However, the English like foreign language, was quickly established in all the country. Knowledge in French language or Chinese-Mandarin can also prove to be useful if you wish to discover the country by yourself, apart from the beaten paths.

Health and vaccines: No vaccine is required to enter on the Vietnamese territory but it more than is recommended to be up to date for the following vaccines: hepatitis has, typhus, polio, diphteria and tetanus. In addition to that, there exists all the year a big risk of Malaria, particularly during the rain season. It is then necessary to take care to wear clothing constantly covering and to protect you from a mosquito net to sleep. Before leaving, please inform itself near your attending physician in connection with a possible preventive medication of the malaria (paludism). It is very important also to preserve a good food hygiene, especially as regards drinking water, in order to avoid the diarrheas.
Apart from the big cities, one cannot compare the quality of the medical care with the European standards. Therefore it is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages and valid in the whole world, with insurance-repatriation in the event of urgency.

Conditions of entry: The passport is obligatory and must be valid still 1 month starting from the date of affixing of the visa. The visa is him also obligatory. It is valid 1 month and costs approximately 60€. The 3 month old visa costs 150 €, with multiple entries. It is necessary to count 1 to 2 weeks of time for the visa tourist. The best solution is to make the request near the Vietnamese consulate of it. It is preferable for the children to have an individual passport.

If you wish to obtain from advantage of information in connection with the conditions of entry or safety, or on the vaccines to be carried out, please consult Internet site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Arrival and displacements on the spot: The most interesting flights are proposed by Air France (AF) and the national company Vietnam Airlines (VN), which ensure both of the direct connections between Paris and Ho-Chi-Minh City (SGN). Vietnam Airlines also serves many destinations in Vietnam starting from Ho-Chi-Minh City, for example towards Dalat (DLI), Hue (TODAY) or Da Nang (DAD). It is also possible for you to choose a flight towards Hanoi (HAN) starting from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. For the travellers who wish to go in bay of Halong, it can be advantageous to hold a flight in the helicopter, faster, starting from the airport of Hanoi. The company Airport Flight Service proposes the very interesting ones.

Capital: The town of Hanoi is located at the edge of the red river. Well qu `it is the capital, it is smaller and calmer than Ho-Chi-Minh-City, in the South. Beside the temple of the literature, which dates from the 11th century, the city will also allure you by its narrow lanes, the Ho-Chi-Minh mausoleum and the charming lakes around of which it is built.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: Most interesting of the cities Vietnameses is Ho-Chi-Minh-City. It is not only more the big city of Vietnam, it is also its economic and cultural center. Among the most known monuments, it there with the pagoda of Giac-Lam, the Romance cathedral of Notre Dame, the palate of the reunification and the very animated market of Cho-Binh-Tay, in the Chinese district of Cholon.

The town of Da Lat can also prove to be a very interesting goal of excursion. This city of the South of the country, in a mountainous region, enjoys all the year a very pleasant climate, since it is located at 1475 m of altitude. It is as if you are in the middle of a large natural park, since the city is surrounded by idyllic lakes, spectacular cascades and luxuriant forests. It is besides about one of the goal of excursions preferred of Vietnamese and the holiday makers in general. In Da Lat, the possibilities of excursions are numerous. Vietnamese enjoys to call this „city small Paris “.

As for Nha Trang, in the West of Da Lat, it is known for its 6 km of beaches. Transparent water with the turquoise reflections invites to the diving. It is besides a very appreciated place of the amateurs of apnea. This city is very animated, but the local fishermen propose to the tourists to take along them on the surrounding islands which are quieter.

In the North of Nha Trang is the city of Hooted, which is for much the most beautiful city of the country. Hooted is the arts center and religious country. The city is located along the river of the Perfumes. The pagoda of Thien-Driven is the most known monument of the city. With its 21 meters in height, it is for much the symbol of the country.

Lastly, to approximately 50 km in the North of the city Dong Hoi, one finds the national park of Phong Nha-Ke Bank. It is a paradise for the amateurs of speleology since this area, which is the second limestone reserve in the world, shelters several hundreds of caves. Those which have the most success are the caves located under the river.

With not missing: The site more known and more visited of Vietnam east without any doubt bay of Halong (which means in Vietnamese “bai dragon which goes down in the sea”). It is located at approximately 150 km in the East of Hanoi. On nearly 1500 km ², it is more than 2000 formations limestones to strange contours which emergent of water color emerald. On these small islands are many beaches and caves create by the forces of nature. The majority of these islands are also covered with thick forests. The island of Cát Bà is not only largest, but also most beautiful of the islands of bay of Halong. Since 1994, it is classified reserve of the world biosphere by UNESCO. You could only be astonished in contact with the many ecosystems that it shelters. Between its always green tropical forests, its fresh water marshes, its forests of mangroves, its cascades, its beaches and the coral reefs which populate its sea-beds, you will be allured.

Population: 88% are Vietnameses. Come to be added 53 other ethnic minorities to it.

Big cities: Ho-chi-Minh-city, Hanoi, Haiphong, Ðà Nang, Well Hoa, Hooted, Nha Trang

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Vietnam/VN

·  Flight Paris Saigon (CDG SGN) with Air France, Delta Air Lines, Vietnam Airlines
·  Flight Paris Saigon (BY SGN) with Delta Air Lines
·  Flight HongKong Hanoi (HKG HAN) with Trans North Aviation, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways
·  Flight Frankfurt Hanoi (FRA HAN) with Vietnam Airlines
·  Flight Paris Hanoi (BY HAN) with Delta Air Lines, Vietnam Airlines
·  Flight Munich Hanoi (million u.a. HAN)
·  Flight Bucharest Saigon (BUH SGN)
·  Flight Elmira Saigon (ELM SGN)
·  Flight Perth Saigon (PER SGN)
·  Flight Paris Da Nang (BY DAD)
·  Flight Saigon Boston (SGN BOSS)
·  Flight Rach Gia New York (VKG NYC)
·  Flight Saigon Perth (SGN PER)
·  Flight Haiphong Catbi Paris (HPH BY)
·  Flight Hanoi Ulan Bator (HAN ULN)
·  Flight Haiphong Catbi Manila cigar (HPH MNL)
·  Flight Hanoi Jinghong Gasa (HAN JHG)
·  Flight Hanoi Bishkek (HAN FRU)
·  Flight Saigon Budapest (SGN BUD)
·  Flight Hoots - Phu Bai Luang Prabang (TODAY LPQ)
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