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Singapore (SG)

Continent: Asia Singapore Land
Surface: 683 km ²
Inhabitants: 4.490.500
Capital: Singapore International banking code (ISO Codes): SG
Official language: The Malayan one, Chinese-Mandarin, Tamoul, the English Code: +65
Currency: The dollar of Singapore Number plate: SGP
Routes of Singapore: 718 Routes towards Singapore: 696
Preferred airports: Singapore (SIN), Singapore Seletar (XSP)
Principal cities: Singapore, Kampong Pasir, Kampong Pahang, Kampong Padang Terbakar, Kampong Pachitan, Tampines New Town, Kampong O' Carroll Scott, Kampong Noordin, Kampong Melayu, Tanglin Halt, Kampong Mandai Kechil, Kampong Mamam, Saga, Kampong Mak Baok, Mount Turned pink
Airline company based in Singapore: Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Valuair, Jetstar Asia, Tiger Airways, Tradewinds Airlines

Tourist guide Singapore (Asia)

The Republic of Singapore is a City-State. Island very urbanized and with the very important population density, it is also the smallest country of the South-East Asia. The name of Singapore comes from the words Sanskrit Singha (what means lion) and Pura (city). This country has as neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia in the South.

Geography: Singapore is located at the end of the Malayan peninsula. Two bridges connect it to the dry land. The island is rather punt, the mount Bukit Timah Hill, in the North-East of the island, representing with its 164 meters the culminating point of this City-State.

Climate and advised season: Singapore is located not far from the equator and forms at the same time part of the tropics. All the year, the climate is hot and wet. Practically seasons ago, the temperatures in day being included/understood enters 23 and 35 °C. The water content of the air borders the 85% most of the time and even reaches, during strong precipitations, the 100%. There does not exist given rain season. However, April and December belongs to most rainy.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The spoken language in the administrations is the English. The national language on the other hand is the Malayan one. Apart from these two languages, the inhabitants of Singapore speak also Tamoul and Chinese-Mandarin.

Health, vaccines and special precautions: It is in general recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. Singapore offers a quality of care excellent and comparable with the European standards. It is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages and valid everywhere in the world since the stays in hospital and the consultations in the doctor must be regulated immediately and are moreover rather expensive. Apart from that, it is recommended to peel the fruits and to cook vegetables in order to avoid any risk of infection. It is also judicious to carry a small first-aid kit with the necessary one.
The travellers at whom the HIV will have been detected must leave the territory immediately. It should be also specified that the import, export, the trade and the sale of narcotics (morphine included/understood) are very severely punished. (that being able to go until the capital punishment)

Conditions of entry: The passport is obligatory and must be valid still at least 6 months as from your arrival. The children must be provided with an individual passport. The visa will be delivered to you with the airport. It is valid 30 days. For the travellers who do nothing but make stopover in Singapore without leaving the airport, no transit visa is necessary.

Arrival and displacements on the spot: Singapore is a true turntable commercial in the zone of the South-East Asia. The international airport of Changi is served the every day by many international companies. The companies Qatar Airways or Emirates offer for example flights to the very interesting schedules starting from Paris. Singapore Airlines proposes as for it non-stop flights starting from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. It can be also interesting to include a stopover, for example in Dubai, Delhi or Bangkok, in order to visit the city.

Capital: For much of tourists, Singapore is only one point of passage during their voyage towards other countries of Asia or Australia and New Zealand. However, this City-State contains many interesting sites, so that it is justified to accomplish a stay of long life there.

Places of interest and bathe: For much, Singapore is only one splendid stopover at the time of their voyage in Southeast Asia or towards Oceania. However, Singapore offers many sites to be discovered. The population is made up of Chinese, Malayan, Indians and foreign workers come from the whole world. Singapore is the unique opportunity to discover all Asia in miniature, joined together on a few km2. The city has a large range of monuments. One should not miss for example the park of Jurong Bird, which shelters more than 600 different species of birds in immense birdcages. The best restaurants of street are located in the district of Chinatown, one of the vital organs in which many historical buildings are. And for the night-birds, there exists a beautiful excursion: the zoo located in the complex of Suntec City, since it is the only zoo in the whole world with being open the night. For those which prefer to admire the large ones and rare fish, the large aquarium of the Sentosa island is worth the turning. The gourmets can go in the park of the east coast, East Coast Park, since it is known for its many Food Courts, clean and of quality. These restaurants reached a world famous. Lastly, for those which wish to bathe or make diving, make a turn on the islands of Palau, Hantu, Pulau Sekeng or on the Sisters islands.

With not missing: Many travellers go to Singapore to go in its restaurants. To eat is a national sport so to speak. Thus, Hawker Center is a true paradise for the gourmets. A great number of gravers being used of the kitchen as quality are aligned in these closed complexes and these center shopping. The standards of hygiene are very strict there since they are controlled the every day by the competent authorities in this field.

Religion: because of the many people which live the island, almost all the religions are represented: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hindouisme, Christianity and Judaism. These various religions coexist rather harmoniously in Singapore.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Singapore/SG

·  Flight Frankfurt Singapore (FRA SIN) 14 Flights per week with Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Deutsche Lufthansa, British Airways, BATCH Polish Airlines, Air Canada
·  Flight Bangkok Singapore (BKK SIN) 21 Flights per week with Thai Airways, Austrian Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Royal Jordanian Airline, Singapore Airlines
·  Flight Mauritius Singapore (MRU SIN) with Air Mauritius, Malaysia Airlines
·  Flight Roxas City Singapore (RXS SIN)
·  Flight Balikpapan Singapore (BPN SIN) with Silk Air, Singapore Airlines
·  Flight Lae Singapore (LAE SIN)
·  Flight Helsinki Singapore Seletar (HEL XSP)
·  Flight Bandar Seri Begawan Singapore (BWN SIN) with Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines
·  Flight Dar Es Salaam Singapore (DAR SIN)
·  Flight Guam Singapore (GUM SIN)
·  Flight Singapore Bali (SIN DPS) with Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Valuair, Garuda Indonesia, Transaero Airlines
·  Flight Singapore Jakarta - Metropolitan Area (SIN JKT) with Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines
·  Flight Singapore Semarang (SIN SRG) with Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia
·  Flight Singapore Sydney (SIN SYD) 7 Flights per week with Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air France, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines
·  Flight Singapore Zurich (SIN ZRH) with International Swiss Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, BATCH Polish Airlines, US Airways
·  Flight Singapore Seletar Beijing (XSP BJS)
·  Flight Singapore Charm el-Cheikh (SIN HS)
·  Vol Singapore Malted (SIN MLA)
·  Flight Singapore Seattle-Tacoma (SIN SEA)
·  Flight Singapore London-Luton (SIN LTN)
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