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Federation of Russia (RU)

Continent: Europe, Asia Land Federation of Russia
Surface: 17.075.400 km ²
Inhabitants: 142.400.000
Capital: Moskau International banking code (ISO Codes): RU
Official language: Russian Code: +7
Currency: Rouble Number plate: RUS
Routes of Federation of Russia: 7747 Routes towards Federation of Russia: 7946
Preferred airports: Moscow (SVO), Moscow (DME), St Pétersbourg (LED), Perm (PEE), Naberevnye Chelny (NBC), Kemerovo (KEJ), Kaliningrad (KGD), Bugulma (UUA), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UUS), Hatanga (HTG)
Principal cities: Moskau, Sankt Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Omsk, Kazan', Rostov, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Perm', Saratov, Tol' yatti, Krasnodar
Airline company based with Fédération of Russia: Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Perm Airlines, S7 Airlines, Transaero Airlines, UTair, Polet Airlines, Ural Airlines, Aviastar you Co., Gazpromavia, Sibaviatrans, Kuban Airlines, Saravia Saratov Airlines, Kras Air Airlines, Interavia Airlines, Skyexpress, Yamal Airlines, Domodedovo Airlines, Yakutia Airlines, Dalavia Far East Airways, VIM Airlines, SAT Sakhalin Airlines, Orenburg Airlines, Airlines Center-Avia, Kavminvodyavia, Arkhangelsk Airlines, Kogalymavia Airlines, Omskavia Airline, Tatarstan Airlines, Aviaenergo, Atran-Aviatrans Cargo liner, mailbox, Severstal Aircompany, Vladivostok Air, Aeroflot-Gift, Karat, the Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Samara Airlines, Sayany Airlines

Tourist guide Federation of Russia (Europe, Asia)

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Federation of Russia/RU

·  Flight Brussels Moscow (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW DME) with Brussels Airlines
·  Flight Paris Moscow (BY SVO) with Aeroflot Russian Airlines
·  Flight Paris St Pétersbourg (BY LED)
·  Flight Lyon Moscow (LILY DME)
·  Flight Paris Perm (BY PEE)
·  Flight Lamezia Term Moscow (SUF SVO)
·  Flight Toluca Moscow (TLC MOW)
·  Flight Mexico City City Moscow (MEX MOW)
·  Flight Baltimore St Pétersbourg (BWI LED)
·  Flight Toronto Adler-Sochi (YYZ AER)
·  Flight Moscow Paris (SVO CDG) with Air France, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
·  Flight Moscow Geneva (SVO GVA) with Aeroflot Russian Airlines
·  Flight Moscow Casablanca (SVO CMN)
·  Flight St Pétersbourg Nice (LED NCE) with Rossiya Airlines
·  Flight Moscow Barcelona (SVO BCN) with Aeroflot Russian Airlines
·  Flight St Pétersbourg Barcelona (LED BCN) with Rossiya Airlines
·  Flight St Pétersbourg Rome (LED FCO) with Alitalia Linee Ventilated Italiane, Rossiya Airlines
·  Flight Samara Frankfurt-Hahn (KUF HHN)
·  Flight Moscow Nantes (MOW NTE)
·  Flight Vladivostok Mumbai (VVO BOM)
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