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United Arab Emirates (AE)

Continent: Asia United Arab Emirates Land
Surface: 83.600 km ²
Inhabitants: 5.290.000
Capital: Abu Dhabi International banking code (ISO Codes): AE
Official language: Arab Code: +971
Currency: Dirham Number plate: UAE
Routes of United Arab Emirates: 1786 Routes towards United Arab Emirates: 1483
Preferred airports: Dubai (DXB), Abu Dhabi (AUH) , Al Ain (AAN), Fujairah (FJR), Abu Dhabi Bateen (AZI), Sharjah (SHJ), Close-cropped Al Khaymah (RKT)
Principal cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al `Ayn, `Ajmān, Ra' S Al Khaymah, Al Fujayrah, Umm Al Qaywayn, Khawr Fakkān, Adhan, Ace Saţwah, Al Ḩādhī, Madḩah, Sharm, Maydaq
Airline company based in United Arab Emirates: Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight, RAK Airways

Tourist guide United Arab Emirates (Asia)

The United Arab Emirates were founded in 1971. It is about a federation of seven emirates located at the Middle East, in the Arabic peninsula. The United Arab Emirates divide borders with Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and Qatar. The United Arab Emirates also count 200 islands dispersed in the Persian Gulf, most important being those of Sir Bani Yas, Abu Al-Abiad, Dalma, Al-Jasat, Sir Abu Nuair, Al-Karmain, Abu Musa and Sirri. On the political plan, the United Arab Emirates belong to the Arab League and are, because of their immense oil, permanent member resources of the OPEC.

Geography: The sand desert of Rub Al-Chali dominates approximately 70% of the territory and is transformed into desert of stones and rollers intersected with marshes salted while approaching the coasts. Apart from the oases, the majority of the population lives in the emirates. In the East, the mountains of Hajar rise sometimes with 2000 meters of altitude. It is there that more the high summits of the country are, whereas the other areas all are located at hardly 100 m with the top of the sea level. The mountains of Hajar are also known for their important water reserves, which they underground or are consisted the river beds. This area is thus the vital artery of the country. She is also appreciated for her green landscapes, particularly in the North-East of the country.

Climate and advised season: The United Arab Emirates belong to the hottest areas of the ground. Precipitations are very rare and take place at the time of a few winter days. A dry tropical climate reigns there all the year, even if the level of precipitations increases as one approaches the coasts, being able even to reach 100% if the wind lends itself to it. The maximum temperatures in day reach 26° C between November and April, which is definitely more pleasant than during the other months of the year. Thus, during the summer months, the temperatures can reach the 45° C.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The official language is the Arab. But the English language in general is spoken and understood. In the large hotels, the personnel also often speaks the French and German.

Health and vaccines:. It is in general recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio. All the big cities can guarantee care of quality. It is however judicious to take along a first-aid kit and sufficient water when one undertakes an excursion in the desert or moved back areas. It is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages, valid in the whole world, with insurance-repatriation in the event of urgency. In all the big cities, water is drinkable and can be drunk without problem. Apart from the cities on the other hand, it is advised to filter it. Apart from that, it is recommended to peel the fruits and to cook vegetables in order to avoid any risk of infection.

Conditions of entry: The passport is obligatory and must be valid still at least 6 months as from your exit of the territory. The visa will be delivered to you as of your arrival with the airport. The children must be provided with an individual passport. Take care not to travel with an Israeli visa in your documents of voyage, without what, the entry will be refused to you

If you wish to know the last changes in this field, want to consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Arrival and displacements on the spot: The price of the fuel being very low there, of many airline companies uses the Emirates like platform for their lines in direction of the Far East, Australia or Oceania. So it is rather easy to find a flight for Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah starting from the principal European airports. Air France proposes direct flights for Dubai starting from Paris. For the travellers who wish to join an interior flight starting from Dubai or of Abu Dhabi, the Emirates airline company is adapted since she proposes a great number of interior flights, for example towards Fudjayra or Ra' S Al-Khayma.

Capital: The airport of the Abu Dhabi capital is located at 30 km of the downtown area. It is easily accessible thanks to a multilane highway. Abu Dhabi is, with 2,5 Million inhabitants, the most important emirate and richest of the E.A.U. (United Arab Emirates). Thanks to the blaze of the oil prices, it could be provided with excellent road infrastructures and airport and make build golf courses of great quality. The inhabitants of the city like to name it “Venice of the East”, the city being located on an island and being connected to the dry land by many bridges. Abu Dhabi is distinguished above all by its extravagant architecture, which is certainly one of most modern world, but which knew to also integrate vestiges of the past. In order to better know this Eastern metropolis, it is necessary to spend a day there. One then should not miss the visit of the fort of Amiri Couch, built in 1793, and of the many mosques which are dispersed in all the city and which one can even visit. A traditional Arab village was also rebuilt in order to illustrate the life of the inhabitants before the boom of oil. If you wish to make shopping without you ruin, return in the district of Batin, the old city. One can observe craftsmen there working and to rest in front of a cup of tea on a shaded terrace. The come evening, do not forget to carry out a walk in boat along the Road Cornice, which will enable you to admire impressive the skyline enlightened of Abu Dhabi.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: The airport of Dubai is located at approximately 5 km in the South-east of the center town, which one can easily join with public transport. This ultramodern emirate and very smart account in all 1,3 Million inhabitants, with his agglomeration. The city evolved/moved so much during the three last decades that the tourist bureau is not satisfied any more to give you a booklet but a thick handbook of use in order to be able well to find you there. This city is the window of the Emirates. Because of its cosmopolitan and animated environment, it is a holiday place or stopover very appreciated of the travellers and businessmen. One can practice innumerable activities and leisures there. It is thus possible to connect in one day a safari in the jeep in the desert, a refreshing bathe in a crystalline water and part of golf. Dubai east above all known to be Mecque of consumption right in the middle of the desert. Everywhere are spread out the scintillating shopping malls which offer tax-free goods and thus attract the travellers of the whole world. Do not fail to visit the Souks, multicoloured which reflect the magic of the East, and where one can involve oneself with the traditional bargaining, which is practiced some that is to say the price of the product. The souk of “New Gold”, in the district of Bur Deira, is for much most interesting since one can buy there gold 22 carats whose price is fixed at the gram and not compared to the way in which he is worked. Pay attention, in the old city, at the Arab traditional houses of the tradesmen, built starting from clay or out of coral stone. There is not of it indeed more much. They often have splendid doors out of carved wooden and turns with wind which were used to cool the houses. Dubai especially became celebrates these last years for the many architectural projects which are born there, all more insane the ones than the others. One thus finds there the whole of artificial islands of Palm Island and Dubaï-Island, and Dubaï-Waterworld, an amusement park which is at the same time watery park. Among the other projects carried out in Dubai, it there at the greatest covered ski station of the world, completed in 2005 and the only hotel 7 stars of the world, Burj Al-Arab. Top of its 321 meters, it is the hotel highest of the world and also the emblem of the Emirates. This hotel, located along the beach of Jumeira Beach, is located on an artificial small island, connected to the dry land by a long bridge of die 280 Mr. But it many other things to be discovered there in Dubai, including apart from the downtown area. Thus, the valley of Wadi Hatta, located close to the Hajar mounts, is a very appreciated place of excursion. One should not forget either the archeological sites of Qassis, to only 7 km of Dubai.

The airport of Sharjah is located at 12 km in the East of the center town. This airport is especially used by the international flights in direction of the close Arab countries. This airport, which is the larger third of the emirates, is the most important airport of the Middle East for the flights cargo liner. The emirate of Sharjah skirts the Persian Gulf and counts approximately 700.000 inhabitants. The city itself is smaller but it contains all the same the majority of the administrative and commercial centers of the country. The monuments not to be missed are for the majority in the „Heritag Area “. One finds there buildings preserved well in the traditional Arab style, the souks covered and with many mosques. But what makes the particular beauty of Sharjah, in fact the many arranged parks are accessible all the day and are especially the evening pretexts with many family celebrations. Sharjah is also known for its splendid natural beaches, very appreciated plungers. Most beautiful are located on the east coast. These beaches with gilded sand are among most beautiful of the Emirates and propose great numbers of water sports. It should however be specified that the emirate of Sharjah is the only one which is very preserving and which the alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited there.

With not missing: One of the activities preferred of the tourists is Wadi-Bashing. It is about a course in the cross-country jeep along the beds of desiccated rivers which mark out the desert. The dunes sand white close to Aweer offer splendid landscapes thus. Aweer is located at the center of a national park. These safaris of the desert are proposed in all the big cities and all the languages by many travel agencies.

Religion: Islam is the official religion of the emirates. Thus, 97% of sunnites there are found. But there exists also a minority of Christians. As for the foreign workers, they can freely continue to practice their religion.

Big cities: Dubaï-City, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al-Ayn, Adjman, Ra `S Al-Khaymah, Fujayrah, Umm Al-Quwayn, Chor Fakkan and Dibba.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of United Arab Emirates/AE

·  Flight Paris Dubai (BY DXB) with Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Paris Dubai (CDG DXB) with Air France, Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Algiers Dubai (ALG DXB) with Air Algérie
·  Flight Marseilles Dubai (MRS DXB)
·  Flight Mauritius Dubai (MRU DXB) with Air Mauritius, Emirates Airlines
·  Flight Paris Abu Dhabi (BY AUH) with Etihad Airways
·  Flight Tunis Dubai (TUN DXB) with Tunis Air, Emirates Airlines
·  Flight Copenhagen Abu Dhabi (CPH AUH)
·  Flight Istanbul Sharjah (SAW SHJ)
·  Flight Peshawar Al Ain (PEW AAN) with Shaheen International Air, International Pakistan Airlines
·  Flight Dubai Tunis (DXB TUN) with Tunis Air, Emirates Airlines
·  Flight Dubai Paris (DXB CDG) with Air France, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airlines, Condor
·  Flight Dubai Stuttgart (DXB STR)
·  Flight Dubai Bangkok (DXB BKK) with Emirates Airlines, Air France, ANNA All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways
·  Flight Abu Dhabi Jeddah (AUH JED) 3 Flights per week with Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines
·  Flight Abu Dhabi London-Stansted (AUH STN)
·  Flight Dubai Ibiza (DXB IBZ)
·  Flight Dubai Istanbul (DXB SAW)
·  Flight Dubai Washington DC (DXB IAD)
·  Flight Dubai Edmonton (DXB YEA)
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