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Barbados (BB)

Continent: North America Barbados Land
Surface: 430 km ²
Inhabitants: 279.912
Capital: Bridgetown International banking code (ISO Codes): BB
Official language: English Code: +1246
Currency: Barbadian dollar Number plate: BDS
Routes of Barbados: 205 Routes towards Barbados: 247
Preferred airports: Bridgetown (BGI)
Principal cities: Bridgetown, Speightstown, Oistins, Bathsheba, Holetown, The Cranium, Crab Hill, Greenland, Blackmans, Hillaby, Gregg Farm, Greenwich, Greens, Holy Elizabeths, Holy Davids
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Tourist guide Barbados (North America)

The island of Barbados is located at the south-east of the Antilles in the Atlantic Ocean and is since 1966 a state of the Commonwealth.

Geography: the island of Barbados, rather punt in addition, presents an interesting geological characteristic. It is located indeed at the junction of a plunging tectonic plate and of an overlying tectonic plate what produces a prism of sediments, a kind of pad which, which is relatively rare, emerges. Moreover it is surrounded by a coral barrier. In north, it gains a little in relief and presents a landscape of hills, crowned by the culminating point of the island, the Hillaby Mount which rises up to 340 m, and goes down again soft inclined towards the west coasts and south to the sand beaches fine and white, even rosy or gilded, typical of this area. Coast-is to be reserved to the surfers because of the strong winds which blow there of the Atlantic and come to sweep cliffs. The bathe is rather disadvised there.

Climate and period of voyage advised: thanks to the trade winds, it reigns on the island of Barbados a tropical climate accompanied by temperatures constant day laborers bordering the 28°C and which fall only slightly the night to reach 22°C. The air has an ideal water content from approximately 60%. The island is not really subjected to a true rain season. As often in the Tropics, the falls of rains are in general short and intense. The temperature of water on the coast caribéenne posts encouraging 26°C. Compared to these ideal and constant climatic conditions, the island of Barbados represents a pleasant destination throughout the year.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official language of the island is English. The autochtones also use very usually Bajan, a creole dialect.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects. The risk to catch paludism is non-existent on the island. The health system is also satisfactory there. It nevertheless is advised to contract a insurance-voyage including/understanding a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid risks of infection, it is recommended to consume only bottled water, to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with a small first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: at the present time, the French nationals are not subjected to the obligation to provide itself with a visa. A valid passport is enough. The minor travellers must be provided with an individual passport.

For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry and the security instructions, you can, for example, to consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: many companies serve the airport Grantley Adams de Bridgetown (BGI), but practically all propose flights with stopover.

The capital: the town of Bridgetown, which before named Indian Bridge constitutes from its situation and its marina in the Caribbean Sea the economic and cultural center of the island. The colonial presence of the British Empire still made there feel, in particular in the architecture of buildings such as the Parliament, the Cathedral Michael Saint, the Harrison university, and especially the miniature reproduction of Trafalgar Public garden, statue of the Admiral Nelson included/understood, on the Central place. For those which wish to be familiarized with the animated history of the island, a visit of the Museum of Barbados is essential.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: the island of Barbados offers all whose traveller amateur of islands caribéennes can dream: paradisiac beaches, a time shone upon permanently, splendid barriers of coral, wrecks of boats shipwrecked men which speak with the imagination and about the sites of diving considered in the whole world. The traveller will always find what to occupy himself. To begin the day, for example, one will be able to sail diving, surfing or, then in the afternoon of the excursion or horse. The caves of Harrison close to Thomas Saint, long and that one can visit in the small train with a departure every hour, 1,5 km in addition offer the splendid concretions development by a lighting enchanter. To prolong amazement, one will be able not far from visiting the botanical garden “Flower Forest there” where all that the exotic flora of Barbados conceals of treasures is offered to the glances. The garden allows also a beautiful panoramic sight on the Hillaby Mount and the Atlantic Ocean. There also exists in Saint Thomas another botanical garden which deserves a visit, Welchman Hall Gully, an old plantation which the owner at the 19th century planted of spices and rare fruits and which is today a protected reserve. A little more in north, is the town of Speightstown to typical West-Indian architecture, characterized by pretty houses out of wooden and with the accessible population. The city is in particular known for the ruins of the imposing plantation Farley Hill and its garden planted of hibiscus and poinsettias and for the house of Master of St Nicholas Abbey, famous for its Romanesque arches and its well maintained garden. All in the north of the island, the Animal Flower Cave constitutes another attraction. During thousands of years, this cave dug by the sea was seen invading coral and sea anemones which were worth its name to him to the variegated colors. This cave is so famous that it was already used as decoration with many Hollywood films or advertizing films.
But of course, which makes the reputation of Barbados, these are the beaches which extend on more than 100 km along the coast and on which one fear of finding hotels of all categories. Many agencies propose training courses of diving, ensured by qualified professors, as well for the beginners who wish to initiate themselves as for the highly skilled plungers in the searches of new adventures. The beaches with dimensions are those of Beats Rock'n'roll, of Paynes Bay, Gibbs Beach and Carlisle Bay. On coast-is, the surfers courageous and tested will be able to measure itself with the impressive rollers of the Atlantic. Coast-is preserved a more wild character, less built than the coast caribéenne and of a very natural beauty. The area of Bathsheba enjoys a world reputation near the community of the surfers. The beaches of Beach Cranium, Culpepper Island and Soup Bowl are also adapted to surfing and the veil. The south of the island so interesting east him because the coasts of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea meet there in splendid beaches, such as Silversand Beach and the Rockley beach.

Religion: more than 80% of the pluriethnic population of the island are of Christian confession, the others 20% declare themselves atheistic.

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: the largest localities of the island are Brigetown which shelters 100.000 inhabitants, Speightstown who shelters 3.500 inhabitants and Oistins which shelter 2.300 inhabitants.

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