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Guadeloupe (GP)

Continent: North America Guadeloupe Land
Surface: 1.780 km ²
Inhabitants: 452.776
Capital: Point-have-clown International banking code (ISO Codes): GP
Official language: French Code: +590
Currency: Euro Number plate: no one
Routes of Guadeloupe: 459 Routes towards Guadeloupe: 626
Preferred airports: Point in Pitre (PTP), Saint Martin (SXM), St Barthelemy (SBH), Desirade Rollers (DSD), Marie Galante Bases (GBJ), Low-Ground Baillif (BBR), St Martin - Large Puts (SFG), Ground Top (LSS)
Principal cities: Abymes, Bay-Mahault, Gosier, Petit-Bourg, Holy-Anne, the Mould, Holy-Rose, Capesterre-Beautiful-Water, Point-have-Clown, Lamentin, Saint-François, Lowland, Saint-Claude, Three-Rivers, Gourbeyre
Airline company based in Guadeloupe: Barth saint To commutate

Tourist guide Guadeloupe (North America)

The French department of overseas (DOM) of the Guadeloupe is in the Caribbean Sea and is made up small small islands of which eights only are inhabited. The archipelago is famous in particular for its creole culture, its rum and especially for its many beaches which decorate its coasts.

Geography: the two larger islands are Low-Ground, “the island with the butterfly” and Large-Ground. They owe their name with their geographical location and present great differences. Large-ground is rather punt and has a calcareous ground. The climate is there favorable to the plantations of cane with sugar with which it is mainly covered. Low-ground, its neighbor is it made up of volcanic rock while the center of the island is covered with tropical forest, mountains and splendid beaches which make this part of the island a tourist place very appreciated with the hotel structure developed well and adapted to all the budgets. The archipelago still includes/understands the islands of Désirade, Marie-Gallant, Holy, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and Saint Martin's day which are distributed around the two principal islands. The total population of the archipelago currently rises with 440.000 inhabitants of which the proverbial kindness and hospitality make this destination a holiday place very snuffed of French of the metropolis located at 7.000 km.

Climate and period of voyage advised: it reigns in Guadeloupe all the year a subtropical climate with average temperatures revolving around 27° C, agreeably softened by the Trade winds. Because of these constant temperatures and tropical heat of the sea which it also borders the 28° C, the Guadeloupe is an ideal destination throughout the year. It should all the same be mentioned that from July to October it occurs sometimes downpours and also that the area is at this period regularly visited by cyclones of varied force, which can sometimes cause considerable damage and for that are feared by the indigenous population.

Official languages and spoken: the official language is French, even if the Creole is with the daily newspaper largely spoken by the inhabitants.

Health and vaccinations: it is recommended to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. Against the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects which one can get on the spot. The health system is completely satisfactory and corresponds to the European standards. It is recommended to contract a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. To limit the risks of infection, to think of peeling the fruits and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Not to forget to carry a first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: for the French nationals a valid indentity card is enough.

Travel and transport: The flights bound for the Guadeloupe leave in general the airport of Paris-Orly (ORY). The airline companies Air France (AF), Corsair (S) and Air the Caribbean (TX) propose direct flights towards the airport of Point-in Pitre (PTP) who is very easy access, being located only at 3 km of the city. Airport of Point-with-Clown, one also can by borrowing the company specialized in the Caribbean LIAT (LI) to join the close islands.

Prefecture: Point-with - Clown is the economic center of the archipelago and constitutes because of his port arranged well a stopover sought by many cruisings. The city offers an interesting contrast because of its imposing buildings dating from the colonial time associated with many trade, witnesses of the economic activity of the city. The old city is rich in picturesque lanes, museums and other galleries. Around the city, the site of the Point of the Castles with its impressive caves and its rock formations with the odd forms constitutes a very interesting place of excursion.

Tourist places and places of bathe: the Low-Ground island has an absolutely splendid nature, the tropical forests with the opulent vegetation, the various national parks, and the sources of warm water are some examples. It is here also that draws up to 1.467 m the active volcano of the Sulfur mine, more the high summit of all the archipelago, with its feet the largest national park of the Guadeloupe planted of mahoganys and trees with rubber with in its center a splendid cascade which will leave to the traveller an unforgettable memory.

The archipelago of the Guadeloupe east before very remarkable for the incredible diversity of the landscapes of the various islands. One can connect the various inhabited islands either by borrowing one from the companies of ferries, or by borrowing one of the lines of companies LIAT (LI) or Air the Caribbean (TX) which are of course much faster, but which deprives the traveller of the splendid coral barriers and the turquoise sea that it can admire at the time of a crossing in boat.

The island of Désirade is located at 8 km in the east of the Large-Ground Point and constitutes a goal of excursion particularly recommended for the fond of delicacies travellers of wild nature and calm. The vegetation is not as luxuriant there as in other areas because of the rather dry climate, but the flora and fauna are extremely varied there.

For the travellers jovial fellow who wish to bathe in water of a tropical temperature of 28° C and would be tried by the visit of the rum distilleries there to taste and discover all the kinds of rum, the visit of the island of Marie-Gallant is strongly advised. It is indeed on this island that the beach of Feuillère is which counts among most beautiful of the Antilles, in particular because of its clear water like its fine and white sand and spring water. The beach is also a paradise for the surfers and the plungers.

The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre island, that the inhabitants name Saint-Bart affectionately resembles a gigantic botanical garden so much the vegetation is luxurieuse and fertile there. It is to 200 km of the two principal islands and offers a very undulating landscape as well as very pretty splits. One finds there tourism of luxury, many very smart shops, sumptuous villas, as of the hotels of very first category which all the year receive celebrities come to seek the calm one and discretion. The marina of Gustavia, located in a bay offers an idyllic sight with its pretty houses painted in colors pastel and its luxurious yachts.

The island of Saint Martin's day which is to 260 km of the two principal islands enorgueillit of a historical curiosity. The island is indeed the joint property of Spain and the Netherlands but
only a terminal painted in white placed at the center of the island is used as border symbolic system. The island is true Eldorado for the luxury items, as for the water sports as for those which seek the rest. The hotel infrastructure there is developed and is addressed perfectly more particularly to the travellers who do not look at with the expenditure.

Religion: the population of the Guadeloupe is Christian to 97% and the 3% remainder are of Hindu confession or practice African traditional worships

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Guadeloupe/GP

·  Vol Montreal Points with Clown (YUL PTP) with Air Canada
·  Vol Paris Points with Clown (BY PTP) with Corsair
·  Flight Luxembourg St Barthelemy (LUX SBH)
·  Flight Holy Los Angeles Martin (LAX SXM)
·  Vol Paris Points with Clown (ORY PTP) with Air the Caribbean, Corsair, Air France, KLM
·  Flight Miami St Barthelemy (MIA SBH)
·  Flight St Lucia Castries St Martin - Large Puts (SLU SFG)
·  Flight Holy Derry Martin (LDY SXM)
·  Flight Beef Island Holy Martin (EIS SXM) with Winair, US Airways, LIAT
·  Vol Perpignan Points with Clown (PGF PTP)
·  Flight Points with Clown Miami (PTP MIA) with Air France
·  Flight Points with Clown Bridgetown (PTP BGI)
·  Flight Points with Clown Paris (PTP ORY) with Air the Caribbean, Air France, Corsair, KLM
·  Holy flight Martin New York (SXM NYC) 18 Flights per week with Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines
·  Holy flight Martin Beef Island (SXM EIS) with Winair, US Airways, LIAT
·  Holy flight Martin New York (SXM JFK) with American Airlines
·  Holy flight Martin New York (SXM LGA)
·  Holy flight Martin Los Angeles (SXM LAX)
·  Holy flight Martin Paris (SXM CDG) with Air France, Alitalia Linee Ventilated Italiane
·  Flight Points with Clown Cayenne (PTP CAY) with Air France, Air the Caribbean
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