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Martinique (MQ)

Continent: North America Martinique Land
Surface: 1.100 km ²
Inhabitants: 436.131
Capital: Fort-de-France International banking code (ISO Codes): MQ
Official language: French Code: +596
Currency: Euro Number plate: no one
Routes of Martinique: 224 Routes towards Martinique: 244
Preferred airports: Fort de France (FDF)
Principal cities: Fort-de-France, Lamentin, the Robert, Sainte-Marie, Francois, Ducos, Saint-Joseph, Small Salted River, the Trinity, River-Pilot, Large-Dull, Holy-Luce, Holy Spirit, the Lorraine one, the Sailor
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Tourist guide Martinique (North America)

The island of Martinique forms part since 1946 of the overseas departments French (DOM) and made as a such integral part of the European Union. First of all the island impresses by the richness and the variety of its landscapes. One finds there mountains with peak, tropical forests and hills green which border the sea and skirt paradisiac beaches. Previously, the natives called their island “Madinina”, which translates means “the island with the flowers”.

Geography: on the geographical level Martinique is divided into two quite distinct zones. In the south, one finds a landscape rather flat and undulating with the rare vegetation and the dry climate who extends until the center from the island. The Peeled Mountain and the Pitons of Carbet are located at the north of the island as for him rather mountainous. The west has splendid sand beaches end on the Caribbean Sea while the beaches of the east, Atlantique side are beaten by the winds and are less favourable with the bathe.

Mountains and river: more the high mountain of the island is the Peeled Mountain, volcanic mount in sleep which culminates with a height de1397m and which is in the north of the island.

Climate and period of voyage advised: Martinique has a very pleasant tropical climate with one period of relatively short monsoon between June and October during which the water falls are rather moderated and allow some appearances of the sun. The average temperature is according to the seasons between 24°C and 28°C.

Official languages and spoken languages: The official language of the island is French although the inhabitants of the island speak Creole between them rather. In the tourist places, English is also often spoken.

Health and vaccinations: It is recommended to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio and tetanus. Against the viral diseases transmitted by the mosquitos and the insects, it is in general enough to cover well and to apply products anti-insects which one can get on the spot. The malaria is now éradiquée. The health system is equivalent to the European standards. To limit any risk of infection, it is recommended to peel the fruits well and to make well cook vegetables before consuming them. Think of carrying a small first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: for the French citizens, a simple valid indentity card is enough.

Voyages and transport: the airport of the island is located at Fort-de-France (FDF) and of Paris, the flights are in general localized in Orly (ORY). The large airline companies such as Air France (AF) or Air the Caribbean (TX) propose flights for all the Caribbean one.

Prefecture: Extremely-in France, the prefecture of the department shelters approximately 40% of the population of the island and is located remotely sizeable deadened volcano, the Peeled Mountain, in edge of a tropical forest. All the tourist places are easily accessible to foot. One can quote the Place of Savanna, the Large market, the fish market of the Clémenceau Place and the Schoelcher library.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: Martinique conceals many botanical gardens which make it possible to appreciate the richness and the diversity of the flora of the island.
But the true beauty of the island appears with the visitor when it leaves the cities to leave to discovered the luxuriant tropical forests north or the paradisiac beaches the south. The most beautiful beaches are those of Holy-Anne, Diamond, the Handles of Arlet and especially that of the Point of the end which is the tourist part of the island. The sand beach black of the Céron Handle, close to Saint-Pierre also deserves it that one goes there.

Religion: more than 98% of the inhabitants of the island are Christian. There exist nevertheless small minorities Moslem woman and Hindu woman.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Martinique/MQ

·  Flight Paris Fort de France (BY FDF) with Corsair
·  Flight Brest Fort de France (BES FDF)
·  Flight Grenada Fort de France (GND FDF)
·  Flight Paris Fort de France (ORY FDF) with Air the Caribbean, Corsair, Air France, KLM
·  Flight Montreal Fort de France (YUL FDF)
·  Flight PAPEETE Fort de France (Pt FDF)
·  Flight Montreal Fort de France (YMQ FDF)
·  Flight Cayenne Fort de France (CAY FDF) with Air France, Air the Caribbean
·  Flight Miami Fort de France (MIA FDF) with Air France, International Amerijet
·  Flight Quimper Fort de France (UIP FDF)
·  Flight Fort de France St Lucia Castries (FDF SLU) with Air the Caribbean, LIAT
·  Flight Fort de France Bridgetown (FDF BGI) with LIAT
·  Flight Fort de France Paris (FDF ORY) with Air the Caribbean, Corsair, Air France, KLM
·  Flight Fort de France Antigua (FDF ANU) with LIAT
·  Flight Fort de France San Juan (Puerto Rico) (FDF SJU) with American Airlines
·  Flight Fort de France Miami (FDF MIA) with Air France
·  Flight Fort de France New York (FDF JFK)
·  Flight Fort de France Cayenne (FDF CAY) with Air France, Air the Caribbean
·  Flight Fort de France Santo Domingo (FDF SDQ) with Air the Caribbean, Air France
·  Flight Fort de France Madrid (FDF MAD)
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