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Cameroun (CM)

Continent: Africa Cameroun Land
Surface: 475.442 km ²
Inhabitants: 160.636
Capital: Yaounde International banking code (ISO Codes): CM
Official language: French and English Code: +237
Currency: CFA franc Number plate: CAMWOOD
Routes of Cameroun: 450 Routes towards Cameroun: 456
Preferred airports: Douala (DLA), Yaounde Nsimalen (NSI), Gaoundere (NGE), Maroua (MVR), Yaounde (YAO), Garoua (GOU)
Principal cities: Douala, Yaounde, Garoua, Kousséri, Bamenda, Maroua, Bafoussam, Mokolo, Ngaoundéré, Bertoua, Edéa, Loum, Kumba, Nkongsamba, Mbouda
Airline company based in Cameroun: Cameroon Airlines

Tourist guide Cameroun (Africa)

The Republic of Cameroun is a country of West Africa located on the Gulf of Guinea. It has common borders with equatorial Africa, Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Chad, Nigeria and the Central African Republic. They are Portuguese who gave him his name by baptizing the homonymous river, “Rio back Cameros”, “the River of shrimps”.

Geography: the landscape before is very dominated by a landscape of plate which rises gently to join the top-plates of Adamawa and goes down again soft inclined towards the lake Chad. The west of the country presents a relief formed by old volcanos, dominated towards the coast by the Cameroun Mount. The plate of the south east covered to him with thick tropical forest and is transformed gently into plain by joining the coasts.

Relief and river: more the high summit of the country is the Mount Cameroun, a volcano still in activity, which culminates to 4.070 m and is thus more the high summit of West Africa. The longest river is the Sanaga river with a 920 km length. More the big lake is the lake Chad which extends on four countries, Cameroun, Chad, Niger and Nigeria. Because of the long periods of dryness, the extent of the lake varies between 10.000 and 25.000m ².

Climate and period of voyage recommended: in Cameroun it reigns all the year a tropical climate which varies however according to the areas. In north, even during the rain season, between July and September, the rains are sometimes rare and that can lead approximately every two years to periods of dryness. In the central part, on the top-plates, the temperatures are moderated and the falls of rain are relatively important. In the south, the plains which extend to the foot from the Cameroun Mount count among the areas with the highest rainfall of the world. In the south, on the coastal plains, it reigns a tropical and equatorial climate hot even if the rainfall is also rather high there.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official languages, inherited the colonial period, are French and English. Cameroun is characterized in addition by a great ethnic diversity and one does not count less than 200 dialects in all the country among which one can quote Peul, Douala, Based it and Ewondo.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. According to WHO, the World Health Organization, Cameroun belongs to the areas infected by the yellow fever. Vaccination against the yellow fever is thus obligatory for any traveller, except for the travellers in transit and the young children of less than one year. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects available on the spot. In Cameroun the risk to contract the malaria is important throughout the year and on all the territory. A consultation near a doctor thus is essential to consider an effective preventive strategy.
The health system is satisfactory only in the big cities. This is why it is highly advised to contract a insurance-voyage including/understanding a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid risks of infection, it is recommended to consume only bottled water, to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with small limps with pharmacy of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: a valid passport is not enough to penetrate on the Cameronian territory. You will have to deposit a request for visa near the embassy of Cameroun. The minor travellers must be provided with an individual passport. As previously mentioned in the heading health, vaccination against the yellow fever is obligatory.

For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry and safety, you can for example consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: at the present time, Air France (AF) is the only airline company to propose direct flights of Europe in direction of the airport of Yaounde (YAO). The flights are in departure of Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG). At the beginning of Lyon-Saint-Exupéry-Satolas (LILY), Air France (AF) proposes flights with 1 stage in Paris (BY). From Marseilles (MRS) Air France (AF) also proposes flights with a stopover with Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

The capital: Yaounde is the capital of Cameroun and shelters currently 1,3 million inhabitants, which places it at the second rank of the country. It is at an altitude of 730 m above the sea level and was at its origin built on seven hills. Because of its altitude the city profits from an agreeably fresh climate. Yaounde is the administrative center of the country. In the surroundings, the falls of Sanaga are very impressive and in the neighbouring forests one can see gorillas living in freedom.

Tourist sites: Douala is with its 1,5 million inhabitants more the big city of the country. It is inside the grounds to 24 km of the coast. If Yaounde is the political capital, Douala, overhung by the volcano the Cameroun Mount, is the great economic and cultural center. The city offers some interesting visits, in particular the cathedral Saint-Pierre Saint - the Paul, largest of the country and one of largest of central Africa and the bridge of Wouri, not neuralgic with the legendary congestions connecting the city to Bonaberi, district industrial of the city. In the surroundings, the seaside resort of Kribi constitutes an interesting stage because of the splendid beach of Londji, one of most beautiful of the coast and to visit the villages Pygmies of Bakas.
The national park of Waza, classified since 1968 with the world heritage by UNESCO will charm the amateurs of safaris. One can admire there elephants, monkeys, giraffes, antelopes, and lions like more than 400 species of birds.

Religion: 45% of Cameronian are of Christian obedience, 20% practice the Islamic religion, 35% of the traditional religions.

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: Yaounde, Douala, Garoua, Bemenda, Maroua, Bafoussam, Kousseri, Ngaoundere, Kumba, Loum and Nkongsamba.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Cameroun/CM

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·  Flight Paris Douala (CDG DLA) with Air France, Delta Air Lines, Cameroon Airlines
·  Flight Paris Yaounde Nsimalen (BY NSI) with Delta Air Lines
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·  Flight Fez Yaounde (FEZ YAO)
·  Flight Lyon Yaounde (LILY YAO)
·  Flight Abuja Douala (ABV DLA)
·  Flight Copenhagen Douala (CPH DLA)
·  Flight Florence Douala (FLR DLA)
·  Flight Douala Paris (DLA CDG) with Air France, Delta Air Lines, Cameroon Airlines
·  Flight Douala Monastir (DLA MIR)
·  Flight Douala Abuja (DLA ABV)
·  Flight Douala Bucharest (DLA OTP)
·  Flight Yaounde Nsimalen Paris (NSI ORY)
·  Flight Douala Venice (DLA VCE)
·  Flight Douala Rotterdam (DLA RTM)
·  Flight Douala Rome (DLA FCO)
·  Flight Douala Erfurt (DLA ERF)
·  Flight Yaounde Nsimalen Tananarive (NSI TNR)
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