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Ivory Coast (Ci)

Continent: Africa Land Ivory Coast
Surface: 322.460 km ²
Inhabitants: 176.548
Capital: Yamoussoukro International banking code (ISO Codes): Ci
Official language: French Code: +225
Currency: CFA franc (the French Community of Africa) Number plate: Ci
Routes of Ivory Coast: 231 Routes towards Ivory Coast: 205
Preferred airports: Abidjan (ABJ)
Principal cities: Abidjan, Bouaké, Daloa, San-Pedro, Yamoussoukro, Korhogo, Man, Divo, Gagnoa, Abengourou, Anyama, Agboville, Large-Bassam, Dabou, Dimbokro
Airline company based beside Ivory: Air Ivory

Tourist guide Ivory Coast (Africa)

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Ivory Coast/Ci

·  Flight Paris Abidjan (BY ABJ) with Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Paris Abidjan (ORY ABJ) with Air Ivory
·  Flight Tunis Abidjan (TUN ABJ) with Tunis Air
·  Flight Brussels Abidjan (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW ABJ) with American Airlines, Brussels Airlines
·  Flight Tashkent Abidjan (HEAP ABJ)
·  Flight the Cape Abidjan (CPT ABJ)
·  Flight Addis Ababa Abidjan (ADD ABJ) with Ethiopian Airlines
·  Flight Lisbon Abidjan (LILY ABJ)
·  Flight Erfurt Abidjan (ERF ABJ)
·  Flight Rome Abidjan (FCO ABJ)
·  Flight Abidjan Paris (ABJ CDG) with Air France, Delta Air Lines, KLM
·  Flight Abidjan Casablanca (ABJ CMN) with Royal Air Maroc
·  Flight Abidjan Paris (ABJ BY) with Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Abidjan Lome (ABJ LFW) with Air International Senegal, Air Ivory
·  Flight Abidjan Paris (ABJ ORY) with Air Ivory
·  Flight Abidjan Kinshasa (ABJ FIH)
·  Flight Abidjan Stuttgart (ABJ STR)
·  Flight Abidjan Addis Ababa (ABJ ADD) with Ethiopian Airlines
·  Flight Abidjan Johannesburg (ABJ JNB) with South African Airways
·  Flight Abidjan Dresden (ABJ DRS)
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