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Senegal (SN)

Continent: Africa Senegal Land
Surface: 197.722 km ²
Inhabitants: 108.521
Capital: Dakar International banking code (ISO Codes): SN
Official language: French Code: +221
Currency: CFA franc Number plate: SN
Routes of Senegal: 403 Routes towards Senegal: 377
Preferred airports: Dakar (DKR), Matam (MAX), Ziguinchor (GUY), St Louis (XLS), Cape Skirring (CSK), Tambacounda (TUD)
Principal cities: Dakar, Large Dakar, Thiès Nuns, Ziguinchor, Tiébo, Kolda, Richard Toll, Joal-Fadiout, Ndibène Dahra, Bignona, Pourham, Vélingara, Nioro of the RIP, Sédhiou, Meckhé
Airline company based in Senegal: Air International Senegal

Tourist guide Senegal (Africa)

Senegal is a country of West Africa having of the common borders with Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, the Guinea-Bissau and Gambia, completely wedged within the country, and a littoral of more than 700 km length on the Atlantic Ocean. The country draws its name from the homonymous river which constitutes a natural border with Mauritania and Mali.

Geography: Senegal presents one of the most varied landscapes of West Africa since it is located between green equatorial Africa and the desert of the Sahara. In-outside area of south-east, close to the border with Mali, where the relief rises to reach the modest altitude of 400 m, Senegal is a relatively flat country.

Relief and river: the culminating point of the country, Nepen Diakha, rises at an altitude of 581m in the south-east of the country. The country is traversed by many rivers, among which Gambia, Casamance and Senegal, the longest river of the country which takes its source in Guinea, traverses a distance of 1.635 km and throws itself in the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate and period of voyage advised: it reigns in Senegal a tropical climate characterized by one dry season, between December and May during which the temperatures are rather moderate thanks to the trade winds and turn around 18°C. During the rain season, between June and November, the climate becomes hotter and wet, the temperatures reaching the 30°C. Towards the interior of the grounds, the temperatures can regularly exceed the 40°C.

Official languages and spoken languages: the official language is French, but the most used language is the wolof, spoken and understood by approximately 80% by the population. Senegal having a great ethnic diversity, that reflects itself in the number of languages and dialects spoken within the country. One counts more than 40 different idioms, but the most known languages are the sérère, the peul, the mandingue, the soninke and the diola.

Health and vaccinations: generally one advises with the travellers to be made vaccinate against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To prevent the viral diseases transmitted by the insects and the mosquitos, it is in general enough to cover well and apply products anti-insects available on the spot. In Senegal the risk to contract paludism in a form mortal is important throughout the year. A consultation near a doctor thus is essential to consider an effective preventive strategy. The health system is in addition relatively satisfactory only in the big cities and the very tourist places. This is why it is highly advised to contract a insurance-voyage including/understanding a insurance-repatriation for the most serious cases. For more safety and to avoid risks of infection, it is recommended to consume only bottled water, to peel the fruits well and to make cook vegetables before consuming them. Lastly, think of providing you with a first-aid kit of voyage.

Conditions of entry on the territory: for the French nationals, a valid passport is enough to penetrate on the Senegalese ground. Obtaining a visa is not necessary. The minor travellers must be provided with an individual passport.
For further information concerning vaccinations, the conditions of entry and safety, you can for example consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Travel and transport: currently, of Paris (CDG), Air International Senegal (V7) and Air France (AF) propose direct flights bound for the international airport of Dakar (DKR). Many other international airline companies serve the capital sénégalaise with flights including/understanding one or two stopovers, in particular Iberia (IB), Tunis Air (YOU) or Tap Portugal (TP). The national company Air Senegal (DS) proposes interior flights towards the towns of Ziguinchor (GUY), Tambacounda (TUD) or towards Cape Skirring (CSK).

The capital: Dakar extends on the peninsula from Cape Verde on the Atlantic Ocean and shelters, if one takes into account all his agglomeration approximately 3 million inhabitants is almost a quarter of the total population of the country. The city today is universally known, partly thanks to the Paris-Dakar Rally which takes place every year and whose final stage is completed close to the lake Pink, a salted lake classified with the world heritage of UNESCO. The town of Dakar is in addition a vibrating port city which shelters many trade and restaurants and offers an animated night life. Because of its relatively reduced dimensions, the city and its historical downtown area can very easily be the subject of a visit to foot during which one can make a halt with the médina, or at the fundamental Institute of Black Africa and the Museum of African art which exposes a very beautiful collection of masks and musical instruments of West Africa.

Port, one can go in 20 minutes on the island of Gorée, sadly celebrates for its role in the draft of the slaves. Today classified with the inheritance of UNESCO since 1978, the island was used as turntable in the trade of the slaves until 1848. More than 20 million African passed on the island, waiting connected to be embarked on the ships which would take them along towards the destination of their martyrdom. During last century, the island became very tourist and of many people, mainly of the descendants of slaves come from the United States, go there to visit the House of the slaves and to carry out genealogical research there.

Tourist sites and places of bathe: old capital of Senegal as far as 1902, Saint-Louis, located close to the border with Mauritania, represents truly the arts center of the country. Saint-Louis, connected only to the continent by the Faidherbe Bridge which is stretched on 510 m, is often called “Venice of Africa” and since 1995 is classified with the world heritage of UNESCO. It charms by its architecture mixing of the colonial styles several times and by its splendid sand beaches end.

The best period to visit the beaches of Senegal is between February and April because water is there in this period particularly clear. The most beautiful beaches are without question in the south of Dakar, on the Small Coast and around the very famous Cape Skirring, vacation resort of many celebrities among whom international actors and artists. Sand is exceptionally fine there and the sea agreeably hot and is salted there. The course is protected by a volcanic cliff of origin which supports the salinity of the sea. The seaside resort is truly very appraisal and it lodges the greatest density of hotels of all Senegal. The holiday makers that frightens can go to Diembéring, located at only 9 km in north. The beaches are crammed there and one is not unceasingly solicited there by salesmen.

Senegal can also enorgueillir itself to have some very beautiful national parks, famous for the richness and the diversity of the species which they shelter and of which some are classified with the natural world heritage of UNESCO. Most famous of them, the national park of Niokolo-Koba shelters in the middle of a luxuriant nature more than 80 species of mammals, among which last elephants of Senegal and more than 300 species of birds. The visit of the park can be done only in organized circuit.

Religion: more than 94% of the population sénégalaise practice the Islamic religion. One finds also small communities of Christians and followers of traditional worships.

Big cities and possibilities of lodging: Dakar, Pikine, Touba, Guédiawaye, Thiès, Kaolack, Mbour, Saint-Louis, Rufisque and Ziguinchor.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Senegal/SN

·  Flight Geneva Dakar (GVA DKR)
·  Flight Paris Dakar (BY DKR) with Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Marseilles Dakar (MRS DKR) with Air International Senegal
·  Flight Lyon Dakar (LILY DKR) with Air International Senegal
·  Flight Bamako Dakar (BKO DKR) with Kenya Airways, Air International Senegal, Air Algérie, Air Ivory, Air Burkina
·  Flight Paris Dakar (CDG DKR) with Air France, Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Paris Dakar (ORY DKR) with Air International Senegal, Corsair
·  Flight Bordeaux Dakar (BOD DKR)
·  Flight Poitiers Biard Dakar (WORSE DKR)
·  Flight Berlin (TXL, SXF) Dakar (BER DKR)
·  Flight Dakar Praia (DKR SPOKE) with Air International Senegal, TACV
·  Flight Dakar Casablanca (DKR CMN) with Royal Air Maroc, Air International Senegal, Saudi Arabian Airlines
·  Flight Dakar Bamako (DKR BKO) with Kenya Airways, Air International Senegal, Air Burkina, Ethiopian Airlines
·  Flight Dakar Marseilles (DKR MRS) with Air International Senegal
·  Flight Dakar Paris (DKR ORY) with Air International Senegal, Corsair
·  Flight Dakar Paris (DKR BY) with Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Dakar Milan (DKR MILLET) with Continental Airlines
·  Flight Dakar Paris (DKR CDG) with Air France, Delta Air Lines
·  Flight Dakar Nouakchott (DKR NKC) with Air International Senegal, Air Mauritania
·  Flight Dakar Brussels (DKR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW) with American Airlines, Air International Senegal, Brussels Airlines
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