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Algeria (DZ)

Continent: Africa Land Algeria
Surface: 2.381.740 km ²
Inhabitants: 333.570
Capital: Algier International banking code (ISO Codes): DZ
Official language: The Arab and the French Code: +213
Currency: The Algerian Dinar Number plate: DZ
Routes of Algeria: 995 Routes towards Algeria: 1294
Preferred airports: Algiers (ALG), Oran (ORN), Setif (QSF), Constantine (CZL), Bejaia (BJA), Tlemcen Zenata (TLM), Annaba (AAE), Biskra (BSK), Batna (BLJ), Timimoun (TMX)
Principal cities: Algier, Wahran, Constantine, Batna, Bab Ezzouar, Annaba, Sidi Bel Abbès, Ech Chettia, Bejaia, Skikda, El Achir, Médéa, Bechar, El Eulma, Saïda
Airline company based in Algérie: Air Algérie, Antinea Airlines, Tassili Airlines

Tourist guide Algeria (Africa)

The Democratic and Popular Algerian Republic, Algeria, is surrounded by several countries: in the West Mauritania, Morocco and the Western Sahara, in the South Mali and Niger, and in the East Libya and Tunisia.

Geography: The landscapes are very varied in Algeria. However, the desert dominates, since those occupy approximately 85% of the territory. In the East of Algeria, one finds the Great Erg, very inhospitable a sand desert, composed of immense dunes which extend to close Tunisia. In the South of the country, along the border with Niger, the solid mass of Hoggar rises, with C œ ur which one finds more the high mountain of the country, the Tahat mount, with its 2.918 meters. This rocky solid mass changes face towards the West and is transformed in the East into a sand and stone desert, which one names Erg. To the north of this Erg the Saharian Atlas extends, a high assembly line of approximately 2.000 meters, which skirts the coast and which separates the inhospitable South from the fertile grounds of the coast where the strongest population density is also found.

Mountains and rivers: More the high mountain of Algeria is the Tahat mount, in the solid mass of Hoggar, with 2.918 meters. This solid mass, appeared following an volcanic eruption, is especially known because of its strange stone formations and its many cave paintings which prove that the oases surrounding the solid mass were very early inhabited. The longest river of the country is Chéliff, length 725 kilometers, and which finishes its race in the Mediterranean. It is characterized by its salted lakes, largest being Chotts de Chergui, of Mehrihr or Hodna, all located at the South of the country.

Climate and advised season: The best period to travel to Algeria, it is before and after the season of Summer, the temperatures between May and September being very high and the excursions or flights inside the country often accompanied by strong sandstorms. More than 90% of the population lives in North, with the often hot and wet climate and where only the light breeze blowing sometimes of the coast brings a little freshness. A particular period ago for precipitations. Only the coastal regions know in winter some rare precipitations. In the South on the other hand, it can not rain during several years after.

Language (S) of the country and communication: The official language is the Written Arabic. But in the South of the country, the populations speak almost only the Berber languages. The knowledge of the French language constitutes an advantage since the inhabitants speak only French in general that it is in the academic world and teaching, or in that of the trade.

Health and vaccines: It is in general recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis has, typhus, the polio, the diphteria and tetanus. To protect itself from the viruses propagated by the mosquitos and the insects, it is enough most of the time to wear covering clothing and to use insecticides sold on the spot. Medical care of quality is guaranteed only in the big cities, but not always. It is recommended to provide itself with a special health insurance for the voyages with insurance-repatriation in the event of urgency. Apart from that, it is recommended to peel the fruits and to cook vegetables in order to avoid any risk of infection. It is also judicious to carry a small first-aid kit with the necessary one.

Conditions of entry: The French nationals wishing to travel to Algeria must provide themselves with a visa as a preliminary. This one is delivered by the consulate of the place of residence of the applicant. The tourist request for visa requires either a certificate of lodging legalized by the Town hall of the place of lodging in Algeria, or a reservation of hotel or a certificate of an Travel agency indicating the nature and the place of the voyage. For one month, the price of the visa is of 33€, for three months, it is of 100€.
If you wish to know the last changes in this field, want to consult the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Arrival and continuation of the voyage: Many companies propose frequent connections and of quality towards Algiers (ALG), and that starting from the principal European airports. Obviously, Air France (AF) proposes scheduled flights, for example starting from Paris (CDG), Toulouse (TLS), Lille (LIL), Strasbourg (SXB) or Bordeaux (BOD), but one can also quote the Alitalia company (AZ) from Rome (FCO) and Milan (MXP). Since it became more difficult to travel in certain areas of the country, it is recommended to hold its flight with the Air Algérie national company (AH), which serves many destinations such as Oran (ORN), Annaba (AAE), Constantine (CZL) or the oases of Ouargla (OGX) and Ghardaia (GHA).

Capital: Algiers, capital of Algeria, are the arts center and the principal crossroads of the country. It counts more than 2 million inhabitants. Algiers and its agglomeration, which count together more than 5 million inhabitants, were already in antiquity a very important center of attraction, because of its situation privileged at the edge of the Mediterranean. Among the centers of interest of the city, one can quote the national museum of Bardo, the National Gallery, the Kasbah which dates from the 16th century, several mosques, which were set up during the centuries, as well as the old colonial residences dating from Turkish and French colonizations. In addition to that, all the hurdy-gurdy city was declared in 1992 world heritage of UNESCO. Another site impossible to circumvent are the ruins of the town of Tipasa, located at 50 kilometers in the West of Algiers, they so declared world heritage of UNESCO. This city was founded at the origin by the phenicians. The Romans made a military colony thereafter of it. With the very famous ruins of the town of Leptis Magna, in Libya, Tipasa has the most important vestiges of the disappeared Roman Empire.

Places of interest and bathe: Beside the vestiges and ancient cities of the Algerian Mediterranean coast, the principal attraction of this country is probably the impressive desert of the Sahara. Even if the majority of the desert areas are depopulated, they always attract in winter enormously visitors. Thus, to find a lodging in certain oases in winter can appear very difficult. However, the Algerian oases always do not correspond to the representations that the tourists have some. Indeed, they are very often not small idyllic places bordered of palm trees, but of enough big cities, surrounded by high walls, and containing in their center of many gardens, the mosques and the monuments. An ideal starting place for the excursions in the Sahara is the oasis of Ghardaïa, which is inhabited by a sect traditional Mozabite.
It is also recommended to visit the oasis of Djanet, it also in the Sahara, the South-east of Algeria. The oasis is located at the foot of a volcanic plate which is intersected by several throats. The throats of Djanet were dug at the origin by broad rivers, which, for some, continue to run under-ground. These cliffs are above all known for the cave paintings which decorate them and which are, for certain, 6.000 year old hurdy-gurdies and testify thus to the first settlements in these areas.
Obviously, the possibilities of bathes are numerous on the Algerian coast. If you seek a picturesque place and too not crammed tourists, then Zéralda is ideal. Around Oran, the second plus big city of the country, one also finds the many ones and beautiful beaches. The tourist place in the surroundings of Oran is probably the Andalusian ones, which proposes a great number of sports and watery activities. The East of Algiers also, long beaches bordered by a turquoise sea and idyllic splits await the traveller in search of rest.

Religion: 99% of the population of the country belong to Islam sunnite. There also exists of small catholic and Protestant minorities.

Big cities: Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Bantna, Annaba and Setif.

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Algeria/DZ

·  Flight Paris Algiers (BY ALG) with Aigle Azur
·  Flight Paris Algiers (ORY ALG) with Air Algérie, Aigle Azur
·  Flight Paris Setif (ORY QSF) with Aigle Azur, Air Algérie
·  Flight Lyon Setif (LILY QSF) with Aigle Azur, Air Algérie
·  Flight Lyon Algiers (LILY ALG) with Air Algérie, Aigle Azur
·  Flight Marseilles Oran (MRS ORN) with Air Algérie, Aigle Azur
·  Flight Lyon Oran (LILY ORN) with Air Algérie, Aigle Azur
·  Flight Marseilles Algiers (MRS ALG) with Air Algérie, Air France
·  Flight Paris Bejaia (ORY BJA) with Aigle Azur, Air Algérie
·  Flight Tunis Algiers (TUN ALG) with Air Algérie, Tunis Air, Air France
·  Flight Algiers Marseilles (ALG MRS) with Air Algérie, Air France
·  Flight Algiers Paris (ALG ORY) with Air Algérie, Aigle Azur
·  Flight Oran Casablanca (ORN CMN) with Air Algérie
·  Flight Algiers Dubai (ALG DXB) with Air Algérie
·  Flight Algiers Istanbul (ALG STI) with Turkish Airlines, Air Algérie
·  Flight Algiers Casablanca (ALG CMN) with Royal Air Maroc, Air Algérie
·  Flight Algiers New York (ALG JFK)
·  Flight Algiers Cairo (ALG CAI) with Egyptair, Air Algérie
·  Flight Algiers Marrakech (ALG RAK)
·  Flight Algiers London-City (ALG LCY)
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