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Greece (GR)

Continent: Europe Greece Land
Surface: 131.990 km ²
Inhabitants: 112.455
Capital: Athen International banking code (ISO Codes): GR.
Official language: Greek Code: +30
Currency: Euro Number plate: GR.
Routes of Greece: 4489 Routes towards Greece: 5267
Preferred airports: Athens (ATH), Héraklion (HER), Thessalonique (SKG), Chania (CHQ), Kefalonia Kefallinia (EFL), Kos/Cos (KGS), Thira (JTR), Kithira (KIT), Rhodos (RHO), Mykonos/Myconos (JMK)
Principal cities: Athen, Thessaloníki, Piraeus, Patras, Heraklion, Lárisa, Kallithéa, Níkaia, Kalamariá, Vólos, Akharnaí, Néa Liósia, Keratsínion, Néa Smírni, Khalándrion
Airline company based in Greece: Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Athens Airways, Euroair

Tourist guide Greece (Europe)

Flights expensive not preferred towards and of Greece/GR.

·  Flight Paris Athens (CDG ATH) with Air France, Olympic Airlines
·  Flight Brussels Thessalonique (DAUGHTER-IN-LAW SKG)
·  Flight Paris Athens (BY ATH) with Easyjet Switzerland
·  Flight Paris Héraklion (ORY HER)
·  Flight Paris Héraklion (BY HER)
·  Flight Nice Athens (NCE ATH)
·  Flight Marseilles Athens (MRS ATH)
·  Flight Toulouse Chania (TLS CHQ)
·  Flight Paris Athens (ORY ATH) with Easyjet Switzerland
·  Flight Toulouse Héraklion (TLS HER)
·  Flight Athens Brussels (ATH DAUGHTER-IN-LAW) with Brussels Airlines, Olympic Airlines
·  Flight Athens Paris (ATH BY) with Easyjet Switzerland
·  Flight Athens Tbilissi (ATH TBS) with Georgian Airways
·  Flight Zakynthos Newark (ZTH EWR)
·  Flight Athens Durango Victoria (ATH DGO)
·  Flight Sitia Majorque (JSH SME)
·  Flight Chania Frankfurt (CHQ FRA) with Condor, LTU
·  Flight Héraklion London-City (HER LCY)
·  Flight Lemnos London-Stansted (LXS STN)
·  Flight Astypalaia London (JTY LON)
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